Name: G.I. Jonesy
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There are many reasons why people prefer lame shit, shallow piece of crap games. One reason, is that they are fucking stupid. The average IQ of a cod player is about 40 points less than a Quake player. There isn't much we can do to change people's IQ's, but we can change certain aspects of the game to make it appealing for a wider variety of IQ levels. The key, is to ensure that we do not - while in the process of making the game more accessible to idiots - sacrifice any degree of intellectual integrity.

Put simply: tier slumming could be effectively eliminated by disabling strafe-jumping at low-tier. The fact is, no experienced player could live without strafe-jumping. Most new players probably don't know how to strafe-jump. By disabling such a vital function, the lowest of tiers would be unplayable for experienced players.

To continue the process of bringing in new players gradually, the next lowest tier could enable strafe-jumping, but disable some of the weapons and/or maps. Again, experienced players find little value in playing without a proper weapon and map selection. For new players though, it would make the game considerably easier and more fun. Plus, they could learn how to strafe-jump in a relatively safe environment.

With these types of changes, continuing up the chain until everything is enabled, we can adjust the depth of the pool while still maintaining a deep-end. Other than that, I suppose we could just tell everyone how stupid they are, and point to their IQ scores as proof.