Athene is one of the biggest streamers around and one of his colleagues has said that Own3d will be shut down within 2 weeks. Athene himself has also confirmed this. He has been streaming with Own3d for quite a while and some of you might have read the destiny story.

I'm not sure if it's true, but I've read it here first

Some have mentioned that Own3d has quite a few Quake movies, please post the links here and I will grab them and re-upload to Youtube as-is. Me and Lashknife have devised an efficient way of downloading them all, as the "Youtube" button on the Own3d website is too slow. You link 'm, we grab 'm. All under the motto: better safe than sorry.

For our Own3d account (Holysh1t TV) all vods older than 1/1/2011 do not work anymore! Please check if this is the case on your account too.