Scheduled: 08:00 CST, 2 December 2012 to 13:00 CST, 2 December 2012
Schedule: Passed

The FACEIT Quake Live Sunday Cup #10 is coming up this weekend! In Sunday Cup #9, we saw a lot of big names absent due to DreamHack Winter, and Vo0 didn't let that chance go by, taking the win over agent in the final.

We don't have much changes to last week. It will kick off at 08:00 CST and check-ins open at 07:00 CST. Sign-ups are currently already open. Note: If you are having problems logging in, go to, log in (right top) and then click the link in the post.

Notable Players: Belarus cypher, Russia pavel, Russia agent, Belgium dem0n, Lithuania guard, Netherlands baksteen, Germany twister, Poland matrox, Russia alfaomega, Russia evil.

The stream will be hosted by United Kingdom Daniel "ddk" Kapadia and United Kingdom Xavier "Zoot" Dhorne. It will kick off at 08:30 CST.

Stream: United Kingdom FACEIT TV, Russia 4ce
Links: FACEIT, Bracket // mIRC #FACEIT, Facebook FACEITCommunity, Twitter @FACEITcom