Hello everyone. Here is an interview with Netherlands Baksteen I did last week. The interview covers many questions, his career, his duel progression, the Adroits LAN and his future in QuakeLive. Some questions have already been answered in the previous Baksteen interview by Germany twister - I didn't see that interview before I did mine actually...

Esportsfrance: Do you think there is room for young players - like you or lukelawlz for instance - to reach the top 4 ? Will Cypher, rapha, Av3k or k1llsen always be on the top if they keep playing ?
Baksteen: I don't think they will, beside the fact they're getting older and won't peak anymore, even they make mistakes, so if new players train really hard, and find some new style to counter the old pro's, they can be defeated. I think burnedd was one of those players, but unfortunately he went inactive.

Read the full interview on Esportsfrance.
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