So I've been using the Artisan Shiden-Kai XSOFT, strawberry colour, for months now.

Been extremely happy with it....... until yesterday.

Yesterday, I halfed my sensitity from 12cm@360° to 24cm@360°.
That's when I realised this pad is not built for speed.

I not only get negative acceleration, but also skipping when turning fast now.
This happens with Razer DA, Logitech G400 and CM Storm Spawn. The G400 is the one that copes best with it. But I still find it unplayable.

The same mice perform flawlessly (well, the DA & G400, anyway) on other pads like Puretrack Talent and Icemat.

Now I'm wondering if everyone with this (and other Artisan) pad have the same issue. Or did I just blow it by getting the strawberry coloured one?

Any Artisan users out there who want to chime in?


I'm using Windows XP 32-bit with an Intel H67 chipset, tested in Quake Live, Unreal Tournament & Unreal Tournament 2004.