March 30th 2012: I plugged in the WMO last night and I'm back on that. After testing it on numerous mousepads, the lift-off distance is just too low on the Zowie AM. Almost once a minute my turns go 3/4 what I want them to do because of how low the LOD is. It got extremely frustrating, the pros didn't outweigh the cons. If the LOD was a tad higher, I would use it and love it. Walter tried the AM too, he PM'd me on IRC with the exact same complaint.

I shall wait for this -


I got it $60 shipped on Amazon. I got the non glossy side one. Tested on a Puretrak talent.

Slightly heavier than a wmo, shape is slightly different. I can't see how people wouldn't like it if they liked the wmo.

Scroll wheel is a bit stiffer, maybe I'm just too used to the loose one on the wmo. It's nice though.

Comes with extra mousefeet, that's a plus.

SENSOR: Seems very very nice right now. I thought at first it had negative mouse accel problems, but since the lift off distance is so low, it was just the way I was using the mouse. I can't really get any massive positive accel or negative, it feels very nice.

I love how simple it is to use too. No bullshit software, you can choose polling rate and dpi from the hardware.

Cord is fine, not thin but not thick.

If anyone has any questions let me know. I have other mice to test against. If you want pain lines compared to a wmo, just ask me what dpi and hz you want to see it as. I have a number of mousepads too, QCK, Artisan, and an old plastic func pad. If you want anything tested at all leave a comment and I will do it.

Yes at 1150 and 2300 dpi the line isn't as thin in paint compared to the WMO, but in practicality there's barely any jitter at all. None to ever get worried about. The paint tests come up a lot better than many other mice right now. A LOT better.

Can't see any massive mouse prediction. If it's there it's the lowest I've ever seen.

PROS: Awesome sensor, good mousefeet (and replacement ones), clicks are fine, wheel is fine, weight is good, cord is fine,

CONS: Clicks could of been better. They feel slightly stiffer, but I have been using the same WMO for the past few years. The right side buttons don't work if you use left hand mode. Believe it or not, the lift-off seems too low. This is day one of me using it, so I'll assume I'll get used to it.

This is a solid WMO replacement, seriously. There's nothing else really to consider, the Sensei/Xai/XaiRaw are all bad, the Kana and Kinzuv2 have a shit sensor, haven't really seen anything to compare. Maybe the G100, but the shape is different, and it had dpi issues (pixart sensor). Maybe the Abyssus, shape is also different. I've been waiting a long long time for something that comes close to a WMO, I'll write-off any mouse that has dpi issues, accel issues, jitter issues, or pad compatibility issues. I don't think you can find anything better than this right now if you want a WMO replacement.

Yes, you could just buy a wmo for $10 and be done with it, but this offers more, especially for competitive people. You'll never have to overclock a usb port (players who attend lan know how frustrating that alone can be), it has side buttons, a scroll wheel that doesn't occasionally scroll on it's own because it's loose, proper mousefeet, proper cord, and a functioning higher DPI. The WMO is great if all you ever want to do is play Quake at home, but if you want a little more from your mouse, this is your replacement.

Oh and that guy who reported the Mouse1 and 2 rubbing against each other, I don't know what the fuck that guy is doing, because I can't see that ever happening in a real world application. Yeah I can barely do it on mine, but you really need to force the left one to the right, and the right one to the left.

Maybe problems will arise the more I use it, I'm pretty happy with it right now though.


1000hz, 1150 dpi. I've used a 400 dpi mouse for about four years, and sensitivity in windows is 6/11. I'm not used to it at all and that's why those swirls look like shit.

Anyway here's some lines you guys all like to look at.