We received plenty of applications for the JeeSports Invitational Draft Best Demo Contest. United Kingdom JeeSports.com presents the best 10 Scenes of the JeeQL invitational draft: Youtube.

Update: The winner of the JeeSports Invitational CTF Draft best demo contest has just been announced on the Level Up stream. Congratulations to Ukraine tripleSex! Contact the JeeSports Admins to receive your prize. Thanks to all participants. Here are the top 10 again if you havent seen them yet.

The first place will be rewarded with 20 euro and never ending fame. The demos have been judged by zoot, dubcat, Kersi, nicerdicer and mousestar. Every member of the jury had 3 points to give. Either on different clips or multiple points on the same clip. The winner will be announced this Sunday on the Level-Up-Your-Game Stream 1.