After a long hiatus we decided to whip up another show. This time we once again invited QW superstar Norway Rikoll for a chat about current events.

With EQL starting their 15th. installment using a whole new concept for the 4on4, a brand new 1on1 tourney called Thunderdome by Russia VVD and United States of America QuakePhil and a new ongoing series of 1on1 tournaments by Australia dirtbox over at Besmella we had plenty of material to discuss. This show: Defcon-5's recently released QW documentary, EQL15, Thunderdome, Besmella.Quake

You can watch the show @ in 2 parts (spank you so much xsplit for making quakephil's life so hard!), or alternatively download it as mp3 @ Hopefully we can start to pick up the pace and at least try to do weekly or bi-weekly shows, following up on some of the action in the QW scene 2012.