Americans vs Europeans, Winners vs Losers

It is just happening that by some strange coincidence, I do feel much closer to americans than to europeans. And where europeans see stupid americans I see sum very smart fellows. What europeans achieve by routines americans achieve by style and even at talking trash americans are better, in the sense of having smth smart hidden behind the apparent nonsense talk.

And then I remembered how when I was a kid I grew up with local germans here. There were romanian kids here too, but I did not like their companion. The regular romanian folks were thiefs, lacked consistency in beliefs, actions and friendship -oriented more towards the tribes spirit -and even those who were smarter were not any good. The usual idea of "playing" to romanian kids was like: let's stay at that corner of the street and if any kid shows up, we beat the hell out of him; -oh, what a great idea! the others replied. At the time I did not know why I preffered my german friends instead the romanians, I was just feeling natural in the companion of these "strangers".

So you see, time proved that I did not choose the companion of germans for ethnical reasons nor by coincidence, but because we felt good together. Now from these different nationalities I interact with, I sense appartenance to americans. At 1st look you could say "that's because you are a traitor of your own" and the americans as a nation are very powerfull.

Talking abt the traitor stuff, I refused to join the army exactly because the romanian army was a shameful help to the Wehrmacht, constantly running away when they had to face the russians in the Last War, most of the time not doing the job done and on top of that they betrayed their allies in 1944. Manstein signaled discrete warnings that this would happen, when he said that any possible future aliance against the russians containing countries from the Balcans must not be taken too seriously -it is a local tradition here in Balcans that people fear the russians, like it is a tradition for Russia to fuck up these countries.

Talking now about the power. It came to my mind that maybe I like the way of America, their mentality, mental instability, because they are not scared shitless from anyone. Yes, they have their reasons, and yes, it might very well be determined by the so many causes, beginning with their geo-political position and ending up with their last war. This does not change still their mentality, quite healthy if you ask me, especially if you have supernatural powers like I have, the mentality of a winner. The mentality of a nation is very much depending on its history. You can see this in most of the people with the same nationality.

It came to my mind that europeans have this alltimes bitter, fanatical attitude towards ideas, towards people, on one hand because they are traditionalists, and on the other hand because they were under german and then russian occupation in recent years -a few decades can't erase history just because you mofos were born after 1990, and this is very seeable in your attitude. For instance, esr user tourist does have in his subcunscious the sadness of France losing so dramatically against Germany in 1940. Most of the europeans can't get rid of this claustrophobic feeling of being surrounded by superpowers and thus this their prime reaction is keeping very close together what they learned better.

You can talk this and that with americans, maybe have fun of their stupidity, but you can make them change their opinion and make them act rational. If you try this with europeans, you have to cross the entire Europe's history through thousands of years, in order to get somewhere. This is why you won't find on american forums so strong fanatical debates like on european forums.

Americans are different. They can be fooled, allright, but when they find out that they have been fooled out they will have their revenge. The speed with which they will react will be proportional to the speed they changed up their mind, unlike europeans who even if they realise that they have to change their mentality they will die of age before realising any significant change. On top of that, the american individual have more dignity. They have assasinated presidents, and they have assasinated their presidents too. A nation have to kill its leaders from time to time, in order to keep the belief in its own abilities and the power of changing things, alive. The distance between an american citizen and his president can be crossed with a few steps. The distance between an european president and the european citizen is of hundreds of years. Like Thomas Jefferson said: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." I know that in the movie The Rock someone replied that patriotism is the virtue of the vicious man, but it was quoted from Oscar Wilde, who considered that poisoning other people is a virtue -the irony! The director of the movie should have read more books.

Final conclusion is that you europeans are not better than the americans but worst, that the americans won their wars because they were better than you europeans, united not divided, enlightened not pumped up with genealogy trees and the idea of unplacable fate, and in the eyes of history they are the big winners while you europeans are the big losers.

GL with your making fun of no-history lessons and mambo-jumbo trash-talk, tourist and the horde.

P.S.: yep, England is not Europe, their vast international connections over the centuries made them see things bigger.