I'm not saying anything needs to be changed, this isn't a whine, I am just trying to figure out why they changed it. I legitimately don't know what the reasoning was.

Why is it a good idea for RG to do 80 damage instead of 100, especially when a player spawns with 125 hp? So, instead of just making people spawn with 100 and letting them get killed instantly by one rail shot, they are gimped with 40~ hp and then forced to hide around the map until they can find hp (which your opponent likely knows the route you're going to take to get to the nearest bubbles and can just rush you and kill you anyway)

It just seems like bad design to me. I would rather just get instantly killed and hopefully get a better spawn, than be forced to limp around helpless and have to put myself in really predictable positions because I'm fiending for some health to recover myself back up from 40~. I mean, I can see why newbies would cry if it was the case that you could be insta-killed off the spawn by 1 rail, but as it is, if you get spawn railed and not killed, it literally just runs the clock down and is a double penalty really. You lose time and a frag instead of just a frag.

P.S. why the fuck did they get rid of all the 50s? i was playing some baseq3 and i noticed the immense amount of 50s laying around instead of all the 25s like in QL. wtf did they change this for?