Listen in as I talk to Denmark ]SR[ParadokS, Sweden Carapace and Sweden Hooraytio about what's up in the scene. EQL is getting closer and closer, but we also talk about some newbie friendly stuff, like some fun beginner stratregies in mix/public 4on4 games :) (We also talk about DM - duelmania - a little bit, which has been dormant for years, but is now starting up again)

Cara is a really good 4on4 player now. He took a big break from quake and is now back.

Horatio has been around forever, and spends a lot of time helping the scene by running the EQL and trying to make everyone happy, which as we all know is so ez (not) :)

There's also a sweet intro thingy I made. Thanks to DDE ghosts as well as bps and Matuka for letting me use their stuff.

Link: VOD