Trying to get my house sorted out for when I move in in September, and obviously we're going to need the internet.

Our letting agency has a deal with Virgin, can't remember exactly what but I remember the guy saying and it was pretty cheap.. Thing is, Virgin is obviously absolute pish, as we all know. All 3 of us will be gaming online in the house, though the other two are pretty casual and will probably only be on XBL - They're not really aware yet how bad Virgin actually is. Due to living in a dense student area too, the line is going to be an absolute shitter.

.. So I've been looking around trying to see the craic with other choices. Immediate thoughts are Be and O2, with O2 looking the favourable as it's cheaper at £12.50 per month and they own Be anyway. However, you then need to lump line rental on top of that so it'll be significantly more every month. Then there's making it a student/rolling contract.

Basically, the fuck can I do to minimise costs and convince these guys that Virgin is spastic and to get something else. Rambling here.