yeah... so heres the story: I had never played starcraft or any other strategy games before, gone straight to multiplayer and skipped training league, then lost all of my placement matches and got put to bronze league..

Well it was good at the start since i lost like 70% of the first 20 games, but now that I have played for 2 weeks or so I rape everyone matchmaking gives to me, literally. My winratio is something like 90%, making it absolutely boring to even play since I dont even need to try in order to win. I mean shitty matchmaking gives me players from bronze and silver leagues and they are really no challenge for me..

ATM I have 102 wins, 1500 score and got first place in my league for like 5 days or so... and yet it doesnt put me in better league? what kind of bullshit is this?

I think i had heard that sc2 skillmatching is way better than one in QL, but it seems its just as piece of shit or even worse..