Hello everyone :)

We would like to announce Edawn (ExcessiveDawn) there - an advanced Quake III Arena modification with many nice features and improvements (it aims to be more bug-free rather than full-featured)

It can be downloaded from there

Major server features:
* configurable ruleset system - allows you to modify almost everything in the game (osp,ql,instagib,cpm* rulesets included)
* totally reworked FreezeTag engine
* ability to modify/replace map entities
* competitive features (team lock/unlock/g_speclock/etc)
* advanced ban/notify system
* rotation system
* improved voting system
* advanced bot aiming skill (w/airrockets) for rl/bfg/pg
* VQ3-clients compatibility

Major client features:
* much improved demo UI, fixed server browser, singleplayer fixes
* very configurable HUD with useful in-game hud selection menu
* many useful cgame cvars to setup enemy|team model|colors, hitsounds, effects etc.
* improved gfx smoothness (in combination with 1.32e)

You can try it now:

Also visit our IRC channel #edawn at irc.quakenet.org and our forum

Have Fun :)