guys, I just want to make it clear that I am the best FFA player in North America. Jamerio couldn't hold a candle. I'm sorry if that upsets you, buddy, but you know it to be true. search your soul.

I thought that in light of recent discussions of QL free for all, I would provide some much needed FFA material, for there hasn't been any such thing since czm's showing at Quakecon many aeons ago. my methods are well-defined, my ESReality persona honed, and I find no reason to waste the site's time by publishing another major demo, which I could well do, so I am instead taking to the forums. consider yourselves lucky, for if you are the type to decry such blatant time-wasting, you needn't continue any further.

all those years ago, czm's skill was jaw-dropping, but having watched that particular game several times over the past few months, I am no longer impressed. since everyone seems to love silly rail whoring, I'm uploading my "rail test" made just after the hitboxes were increased. rail is not my weapon--I am an lg player--and I don't have anywhere near the rail aim of strenx, toxic, stermy, or cypher, but as far as public FFA goes, I think this is a good demonstration of what's possible. (I have much more dominant performances, but this one is fun.)

Jamerio, let's see you do this. if you want to compare FFA times, I can provide demos of myself winning in 2 minutes and 50 seconds. but I think you will be satisfied.

(temporary link until file is approved: FFA-#caretyryl-verticalvengeance-2011_03_16-06_13_52.dm_73