We decided to run and hold a quick single elimination Clan Arena competition just before the Christmas and New Years break. Usual players you see in our duel competitions Australia Dandaking, Australia zlr, Australia Ventz and Australia Python participated for the fun of team games, and eventually the finals came down to the following two clans playing for 5x Logitech g110 gaming keyboards.

No/x/ious: Australia Xcope, Australia Ray, Australia Maxxx, New Zealand GrotesK, New Zealand roffo, New Zealand CHV
x2: Australia Zlr, Australia Haste, Australia Zpnq, Australia Serp, Australia Grrrdian

We covered the finals with video casting, but rather then having commentators talk about Clan Arena from a third person perspective, which lets face it is rather boring, we hopped into Noxious ventrilo to listen to their team talk and banter through-out the game.

Links: Brackets, VOD