LG W2363D. I've been following this monitor for awhile, since it's the first 120Hz LCD with reviewer-verified 0ms input lag. It has a gaming/thru mode of which its sole purpose is to eliminate input lag.

It seems to hit all of the requirements of the hardcore gaming populace: high refresh rate, 0ms input lag, fast GTG response.

Here are some articles about it:


Anyway, it finally hit the USA on Newegg and I'm thinking about buying one. My question is...
Anyone with more technical knowledge wanna weigh in on their testing methods? The first link has a link where they compare a particular LCD monitor to a CRT, and then they test the LG against that particular LCD. It seems sound to me, using a DVI splitter instead of clone mode.

Any of you euro chappies pick up the monitor, and if so: how is it?