I got a strange message from Steam today, telling me I bought a game and could then give a gift or something like that(I don't remember I rushed through the news). Sadly the game didn't appear and I couldn't gift it, however, it brought up the gift page and it seems whoever I gave Half-Life 2 and Half-Life: Opposing Force to never accepted. I know OF is to my cousin and the other person I don't have the slightest idea.

Simply put, who cares contest time!

Contest: Create Elements of War's "ChiLL NighT". (A sword used by the main villain, "Death")
Enter the contest: [url]http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1436180[/url]
Ends: Nov 31, 2010
Tools: Autodesk Softimage Mod Tool
Rules: To get the prize you must:
1. Must be usable in Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: DeathMatch as a crowbar replacement.
2. Viewable in First Person AND Third Person(Gordon's Crowbar position needs to be fixed, if that's even possible without code)
3. Requires the files from Softimage Mod Tool(They must match the version of HL2/dm)
4. All copyrights must be given to me. I don't need legal issues.
*** You will be given credit for the weapon and you can still pretty much have the copyrights to do whatever, as I could honestly careless. Mainly I'm just not a lawyer and don't have time to figure all that stuff out.
5. Requires the look and feel of Elements of War
---> Sword with ooze and crystals covering it
6. Must be a massive two handed blade. DEFEAT BLIZZARD!

[SIZE="6"][COLOR=blue]Elements[/COLOR] of [COLOR=red]War[/COLOR][/SIZE]
Crystals have fallen from the sky. The lands are shattered and chaos is around every corner. Your lover, "Death", has been infected by the blue crystals. Touching the red crystals, you're now a red creature. A great battle is fought as you two collide. He manages to damage you, inflicting the blue crystals into your skin. Your mind is once again at peace, as the crystals begin to mix. He still has the hatred to kill you, but you manage to escape his grasp.

War is spread throughout the land, as these red and blue zombies pleague the world. You realize that you are the cure, "Life". On an epic quest to save the world and your lover from total extinction.

[SIZE="5"]About "ChiLL NighT":[/SIZE]
ChiLL NighT is a massive warblade wielded by Belinda Frostmourne. Commander of the most powerful army on the planet. With news of monsters with insane bloodlust causing havoc among the villages, Belinda requests to the king and queen that the army marches to slay these beasts. Fearing for the safety of their niece, as they lost their daughter Zelda long ago hearing the same stories thought once as myth, but knowing now that these monters are real and must be put an end to, they send Belinda on the quest.

Word has spread that giant crystals are falling from the sky smashing the planet. Devouring humans and changing them into demons. Once changed, those monters are attracted to the crystals. With this information Belinda and her army marches in the direction of the falling crystals. Along the path they encounter crystalkin or dragonkin. The name given for how they appear. Like humans, but don't wield any weapons or wear armor. Powerful, but killable.

Eventually they cross paths with Curtis Turner <Death>. Being one of the first few crystalkin and in dragonform for quite some time, he is a lot larger than normal and far more formidable. The army fought, unleashing everything they had, chipping away at Death piece by piece. However, one by one the army quickly fell to the ground. At this point much of the army lay dying or dead, with a number fleeing from battle. Only Belinda and her best warriors stand with her. As an ooze like substance and crystals are leaking from this monster, she thinks he is finished. Fearless, she raises her warblade skyward and charges.

Far more powerful than she could possibly imagine, the entire army is slaughtered and only she remains. Not to give up, she lunges one last time at Death, smashing her warblade into his neck. Deep, almost reaching his human body, as he stumbles to the ground. Belinda drops to her knees, exhausted from battle, mind shaken from the horror witnessed. She begins to shed tears, as the overflow of constant battle over the years has caught up to her. Finally opening her eyes to reveal that he isn't dead. Instead, standing tall, ripping the sword from himself.

Her foolish act of compassion and sadness for past mistakes on this very battlefield will finally be the death of her. Knowing this to be the end, she spreads her arms, bows her head, and says, "You are truely a great warrior!"

However, deep in the background is none other than Morgan Black <Life>. Chillin, relaxing under a tree the entire time. She had been keeping track of Death for a while now and was amazed an entire army appeared to attempt killing him. She was more amazed by the fact that he survived. Debating what to do during the battle, she finally decided. Perhaps too late, but worth a shot, she screamed with the loudest of her lungs something Curtis would do. An odd sounding noise, but surely he would know it or at least look in her direction.

About to raise his new blade, now dripping with ooze and crystals, forming around the blade gripping it as if the object was flesh, instead he twists his face and eyes. Gazing at Morgan from afar. Intervened, he steps towards her.

"ChillNight...", Morgan said at last. As he wielded it. Gripped tightly, anger flowing. She stopped herself from further thought. "How at once the hunter, I've now become the hunted."