Once again, we are pleased to announce the newest gaming league in Quake Live, Silent Gamers. Our first season will be mainly to establish our name as a league and to bring awareness of those who are deaf and hard of hearing. With this said, we'd like to state who the sixteen invited competitors are:

(in no particular order)

In addition, the time when this dueling tournament will take place has been set from February 20th to February 21st starting at 2pm EST. Without a doubt, the invited experienced duelers will mold our competition into a serious, entertaining event that will definitely help us achieve our goal as a league.

Reminder: Sign-ups will commence at 10 p.m. EST tonight! (10/2/2009)
For questions, comments, and concerns, contact SG|sev1 or SG|ack|dM in mIRC

Link: Silent Gamers mIRC#SilentGamers