An American trio of Quake players will participate at the Quake Live tournament at the DreamHack Winter event. One of them is Brian "dkt" Flander, who managed to show a good offline performance at the QuakeCon 2009. spoke with him about the IEM American Finals, the upcoming DreamHack and the American Quake scene.
Who will be the toughest opponent in Jönköping?
dkt: Probably Cypher. He is a great player. He has very solid aim and positioning and his mental game is underrated. There are many European players who are very good. I think Cooller will be better at this tournament than he was in Dubai and I think fox/DaHanG will also be very good

Spart1e, who managed to beat you twice at QuakeCon, is also attending at DreamHack. Can you take him down this time in his home country just like he did to you?
dkt: Hopefully, he is a very good player, but I feel I'm better than I was at QuakeCon. I don't know how much he has practiced or anything, but it would be fun to play against him again.
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Source: DreamHack Winter 2009-Coverage