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Rating: 5.6 (21 votes)
Gametype: Team Game
Map: N/A
Mod: Team Death Match
Viewpoint: multiple
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The long over-due final of the clanbase featured cup: quakelive tdm. The first "serious" tdm tournament in quakelive, although at about the quarter way point rule-sets changed as we gained the ability to join "pro servers" which had "pro settings" - 30weapon respawn and so on. This perhaps influenced the prestige and the seriousness clans took towards the league, matches becoming hard to schedule - who knows.

Then for some unknown reason there was a 2 month break between the semis and the finals; I guess that could have been down to quakecon. Either way it is now finished and I hope there are many more tdm leagues and tournaments to come, it is just a shame we could not get a hold of anyone to do any streaming or shoutcasting - we tried!

The first map as chosen by ch was dm6

The second map as chosen by LLL was dm14

The lineup for ch was:

United Kingdom deus, Sweden fox, Sweden zyv and Austria noctis.

The lineup for LLL was:

Belgium impulse, Belgium dem0n, Belgium VeRTeX Netherlands draven and Netherlands forever

note: the demo with "2" in the filename is the second map (dm14), sorry I forgot to rename them before uploading :).