Scheduled: 12:00 CST, 24 January 2009 to 17:00 CST, 24 January 2009
Schedule: Passed

Hihi! Well, as there has been a long absence of 2v2 from the "competitive" scene (lol) I have decided to organize one for you hippies. I will be talking to some members of the community to get GTV/Shoutcasting as well as having the servers prepared. If anyone would like to help, please feel free to contact me as a couple of referees would be nice. As it stands there is only 8 slots, if there is enough interest i will make it 16.

E-mail me your rosters, with team name, captain and means of contact before January 20, 2009!

Tournament begins: 12:00 CST, 24 January 2009

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