This is more a headphones in general post - not strictly headphones for gaming. I've got a pair of HD25's which I've had for about 4 years or so. Along with my Audigy I'm pretty pleased with them, great clear sound, nice and loud with strong punchy bass. I'm into my music probably more so than gaming these days and I just had a thought about maybe replacing my old HD25's the other day (although they're still in perfect condition). A DJ friend of mine recommended a pair of Technic DJ1200's as a potentiol upgrade. He said they'll all about mach the HD25's for clearatiy but exceed them comfortably on volume, bass punch and frequency response. At circa 80/90 the DJ1200's aren't silly money either so I'm giving them a thought. Just thought I'd post on here to see if anyones had any experience with them and especialy if anyones able to compare them to the Senheissers I already have.
Cheers guys