Upon getting myself a 19" Samsung 19" 953 LCD I need to redo my Video settings for Quake 3

I used to have a very smooth Quake with my CRT monitor when it was still working with these following settings:

Com_maxFPS 100
r_displayrefresh 100

This reduced the amount of jitter quake made when moving around.
The CRT was set to 650 res.
I found that keeping the "max_FPS" and "r_displayrefresh" the same Quake performed much smoother.

But now I sit with an LCD that can do only 75Hz. (I know LCD's doesn't work with refresh rates but in Quake it does make a difference)
I have my maxFPS locked at 75 and refresh rate the same, but it's too low to make the game smooth.
What I`m asking for is a possible solution to all this drama. Is there any way to get it smooth again like I had it on the CRT?

I've been reading around on google and some ppl uses "r_mode -1" But upon trying that I get an open GL crash message, trying the other "r_modes xx" just seems to make the resolution either higher or the refresh rate too high for my monitor to handle.

I`m really fed-up by now.

Thank you.