Name: Victor Jose Cuadra
Location: California
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Well I haven't contributed anything to this site in years. In fact, I have not visited this site in years either so I figured I would say hello to the community by posting a column.

I've been "out of the loop" so I've noticed a lot of interesting news. Particularly that the CPL is ceasing operations. I must admit, I saw this coming back in 2001 and gave the CPL about 5-10 years before it went under. Due to my personal experiences with the organization and its primary owner (Angel Munoz), professional gaming from the organizational standpoint left a very sour taste in my mouth, and actually cost me some money in the process as well. That being said, I must admit I am happy to see the CPL cease its operations. Not just for my personal reasons, but also because I feel the existence of "professional gaming" leagues influences young people too much into thinking that it is a realistic career pursuit to "play hard, go pro."

Now, let's not make the mistake of thinking I am against amateur/hobby style gaming. In fact, I would encourage it. Gaming for fun and no prizes is the most enjoyable experience I have ever encountered with online games. I will say that I have had much more enjoyable experiences being the random "nobody" than I ever did being a top player competing in events for cash. Of course, these are my personal feelings and everybody is different depending on their own experiences.

I guess I would just like to encourage the young people who play these games to make sure that they live their life. Do not invest too much of your time and effort into these online games and let life pass you by. Go to school, get a job, mingle with friends and family and do not let gaming be the main focus of your life as some people have. If you're in high-school, are awesome at games and decide to go to a tournament here and there, that's awesome. However, do not get caught up into being a "pro gamer" if you win some money. Take the money and run is the advice from an old professional gamer. Life is too short to be spending your time staring out a window while you play a game.

Life is a beautiful thing, and should not be wasted. Go outdoors, spend time with your family and friends, and get an education and a decent job to earn a living. I promise any of you that are caught up in the whole "gaming scene" that you will be much happier and feel more fulfilled in the process.

With a little gaming on the side of course. =)