augustus from caught up with icculus to find out what the hold up is with releasing the linux server and client for ut3 UT3.

icculus: it's stuck in legal

Legal? Seriously? Have you had legal involved in previous games?
icculus: Not like this, no. There's some issues with middleware

so is the hold-up indefinite?
icculus: Not indefinite. The politics should be worked out for the server soon, I'm removing the offending piece of code.

And the client?
icculus: That's going to take somewhat longer

From the sound of it, there is no ETA then?
icculus: I'm not committing to one

I understand. Seems like it's quite out of your hands.
icculus: If I told you what the specific problem is, you wouldn't believe me
* icculus declines to say more. :)
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