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Rating: 6.9 (31 votes)
Pinnacle is a UT2004 UT2004 TDM movie featuring the best frags from CPL_Black_BG CPL 2004 Winter Extreme Event and ClanBase ClanBase EuroCup XI. Both of these were 4on4 TDM Tournaments with money prizes and lan finals with the best clans from all over the world attending.
"This movie has been in production on and off for about a year now. I started off by watching about 33 server side demos from CPL, which means 264 of 20 minute maps when you count all the players. Because I was feeling rather suicidal, I also gathered as many ECXI demos as I could find, meaning about 16 server side and 37 client side demos. After watching the demos I took a long break from everything and resumed working on this project after my spring holidays." - meep
Creator: meep
Game: UT2004 Unreal Tournament 2004
Type: Frag Highlights
Length: 5m0s
Size: 298 Megs
Resolution: 1280x720
Codec: XviD

Cata, Cloud, CrUsH, elix, Falcon, frag^m, g1boNN, GitzZz, inSi, kiLLu, lauke, Melt, Nagash, pAkmAn, povi, Quasar, rep0r, roach, R0X, seiM, ShaggY, smi, Stevo, Tex, Verbal, Zeta

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