I experienced Problems with this shitty Catalyst driver before. After a reinstall Windows froze couple of times, screen went black couple of times...things like that. 5-10 reboots usually solved the problem. o_0
Yesterday it "destroyed" my whole system. I couldn't start Q3, 'cause of an Hardware Deadlock. It came from thin air ... 2 days ago i played it, caused a Hardware Deadlock yesterday.


Around the 20th or 30th reboot, BIOS beeps long with a pause. Memory or VGA issues. FUCK THAT. I didn't touch the memory at all.
Some time ago i overclocked my 2800 XP so i went to undo that, 'cause of the AGP voltage. didn't work. Tried it with a PCI Voodoo3 (hehe). didn't work.

So, after 2hours of trying out this&that and having 256MB memory left, i'm stuck right before the Windows BootUp Sequence which leads me to the conclusion that my HDD broke down. All because the shitty driver doesn't work .......


troll on me if u like, but i had to let my anger out ...