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[mash] Quake Champions Beta Impressions Generally Favorable
[mash] ESReality Development Continue working on this
[mash] Quakelive, Steam and VAC Yes
[mash] When were you introduced to quake? 2006-2010
[mash] Donations to send duelers to QC'14 No
[mash] Performance Awards Poll [1] Best frag
[2] Best match
[3] Best unexpected performance
[4] Best comeback
[5] Best interview
[mash] Prize Distribution Poll Variant 1 + Performance Awards
[mash] Best 2011 movie? dorftrottel
[mash] Dreamhack MVP linkje
[mash] Quakelive subscription I don't have a subscription
[mash] Kaspersky Award rapha
[mash] What Quake Live Account do you have? Free (but want to upgrade)
[mash] QuakeLive CTF 4v4 or 5v5 ? 4v4
[mash] What tournaments do you want? Davis Cup System (2v2 + 3x 1v1)
[mash] Would you pay a subscription for QL? No
[mash] Least competitive duel QL map? [1] qztourney7 - Furious heights
[2] qzdm6 - Campgrounds Redux
[3] qztourney9 - The House of Decay
[4] qzdm13 - Lost World
[5] ztntourney1 - Blood Run
[mash] IEM4 World Finals winner? rapha
[mash] Who will be the IEM Asian Champion? Jibo (CN)
[mash] Which would you Spectate? Team Deathmatch
Capture the Flag
[mash] Which comeback would you rather see? Stelam
[mash] Who will win in Dubai (poll)? spammah
[mash] When did you start visiting ESReality? 2006
[mash] Who will win QuakeCon '09 CTF? fnaticMSI
[mash] Who will win QuakeCon '09? SK|rapha
[mash] self pleasure less
[mash] What cg_fov for ESL-TV stream? cg_fov 120
[mash] What r_picmip for ESL-TV stream? r_picmip 6 (Simpler textures)
[mash] Which game mode do you play the most? Capture the Flag
[mash] Why noctis left EMS4? Cause he's emo (top choice so far)
[mash] QL CTF Format 4v4
[mash] gillz totally dense
[mash] Which notable events do you remember? ESReality Mousescore 2007
CPL Disbanding
[mash] Voice com for #cpmpickup games Yes, sometimes.
[mash] Does kgb cheat? No way! Shut up clan519
[mash] Worst feature of CQ3? CQ3 is fine, stop trolling
[mash] ESWC Q3 maplist poll Replace one map
Use pukka3tourney2
Keep pro-q3dm6
Keep pro-nodm9
[mash] Do You Consider Gaming as a Sport? No
[mash] What did you get for Xmas? Clothing
[mash] When should the Quake Nations Cup start? The sooner the better
[mash] US presidential election, 2008 Barack Obama
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