This morning, i jumped on the Quake & Weed OSP CTF server after almost 2 years without touching CTF. This made me remember why i played it for a straight 1-2 years back then. I remember how we had big CTF pickups on multiple speakeasy servers with oldtimers like the c9, cg_, ... guys. CTF is what kept Q3 somewhat "alive" and ppl playing it didnt care if it wasn't the most popular game they played it becaus they liked it.

With the comeback of q3 in the competitive duel scene could CTF get the attention it still deserve? I mean CTF is the mode is closer to current team sports like hockey, soccer, etc... than any other games. Teams are in a game area that is identical or almost identical for both teams. They have the same objective. They have offence and defence. They require strategy and more... CTF is fast and sometimes its has situations that can give a great show.

Quake 3 is one of the best, if not the best, platform for CTF. Its fast, solid and well balanced. I know theres some underground CTF leagues (that got smaller in the last year) but do you guys think it could be possible to see Q3 CTF in popular leagues like CAL, GGL, etc?