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Re: Your current settings ? March 2018
Posted @ 19:06 GMT 24 Mar 2018
Mouse: Roccat Kone XTD or WMO Mousepad: Roccat Sense Keyboard: Razer BlackWid
Re: veliars [] FFA cup winner [] highlig
Posted @ 03:25 GMT 8 Feb 2018
Start a new sensationalist piece (thread) about vote flooding on ESR. First, nin
Re: veliars [] FFA cup winner [] highlig
Posted @ 00:47 GMT 6 Feb 2018
I really liked this! The music reminds me of Dzhon Vick going off and shooting p
Posted @ 00:40 GMT 6 Feb 2018
You put Vigur as being from Lituanie again \_(ツ)_/ They are from Eston
Re: [img1] duels
Posted @ 23:51 GMT 1 Sep 2016
My russian isn't the best so someone can maybe explain it better. The translatio
Re: Help finding a more comfortable mous
Posted @ 22:10 GMT 2 Jul 2016
I could always go with the kinzu v3, my problem with that would be questionable
Re: Help finding a more comfortable mous
Posted @ 20:14 GMT 2 Jul 2016
I've heard so many great opinions on this mouse, it's great on paper, and for 30
Help finding a more comfortable mouse?
Posted @ 02:30 GMT 30 Jun 2016
I've had a Zowie FK for a few years now and have always wondered if there is a b
Re: Post a screenshot of your setup 2015
Posted @ 06:51 GMT 7 Jan 2015
Nothing much has changed besides the monitor and the KB because I got it so chea
Re: Carcosa... is he legit?
Posted @ 03:45 GMT 17 Oct 2014
Don't worry I am pretty sure community isn't that far away. Is it? Maybe if he d
Re: any chance the chinese would play
Posted @ 00:15 GMT 30 Jul 2014
To quote newborn: "Well the best way to have a local scene is to build one -- we
Re: post a picture of your setup
Posted @ 15:27 GMT 29 Jul 2014
nothing really fancy as the kb/screen are like 8 years old and i really need to
Re: QuakeLive on steam and gameplay chan
Posted @ 07:20 GMT 18 Jul 2014
while i have some past quake experience as a kid this is my first time really tr
Re: beta?
Posted @ 04:59 GMT 13 Jul 2014
If anything I would imagine this little rumor comes from the early development v
Re: yay0
Posted @ 22:23 GMT 3 Jul 2014
i was under the impression there had to be some sort of ac, i guess there was pb
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