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Re: What we love and hate about Quake Ch
Posted @ 19:36 GMT 28 Sep 2017
I think they should create a CA type game mode to retain some casual players
Re: One-off classic QL format tourney in
Posted @ 15:35 GMT 25 Sep 2017
ahh makes sense, thanks
One-off classic QL format tourney in QC?
Posted @ 19:05 GMT 23 Sep 2017
Can anyone confirm if 125fps has considered a one-off classic (ql) 10 min tourne
Re: Quake pros & displays - the list
Posted @ 17:59 GMT 21 Oct 2016
I did the same for years, if you have some spare room on the desk you should pic
Re: 125 FPS Sunday Cup#20
Posted @ 14:43 GMT 14 Dec 2015
Base-Evil LB final and the final series between Agent-Evil were both great
Re: Sarge model fix?
Posted @ 17:08 GMT 6 Nov 2015
I had this same issue a couple of times and finally found that changing your cg_
Posted @ 20:28 GMT 3 Feb 2014
Can anyone who's done it before tell me the process for donating to qlranks?
Re: QL was really nice to come back to..
Posted @ 21:07 GMT 6 Jan 2014
woot promode, what's the best way to go about finding servers?
Re: QL was really nice to come back to..
Posted @ 21:02 GMT 6 Jan 2014
thanks for the details lewl, i'm kinda sorry I missed the launch of QL, maybe i'
Re: QL was really nice to come back to..
Posted @ 20:59 GMT 6 Jan 2014
thanks, I'm gonna test both tapping and holding jump... that's definitely pos
QL was really nice to come back to...
Posted @ 20:02 GMT 6 Jan 2014
So I've been playing QL for a few months having played Q3 (RA3) and QWCA way bac
Re: A Duel Guide for CA Players
Posted @ 19:24 GMT 2 Jan 2014
Nice article and thanks for taking the time to write it. I'm actually in you
Re: unborn -vs- detonator and napalm3d
Posted @ 23:24 GMT 1 Sep 2006
the simple fact that Illusions is saying this guy cheats makes me almost 100% su
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