hi everyone

i'm pretty new in this forum so i just want to say hi and explain you my problem.

i use a WMO 1.1a to play quakelive, cs and css. About 2 weeks ago it started to behave strange ( i own the mouse since like 2y and not a prob ): during the game it happens that the mouse simply pass away and re start to be alive 1 sec after. No windows sound about usb port disconnected while this happens. It also happens sometimes in window situations; same thing pass away ofr a sec or so then come back.
I ,of course, twicked the mouse to work at 500hz ( i think all this kind of mouse are supposed to be twicked to get that "extra mile").

Anyone experienced this kind of prob? Even with other usb mouse.
Could be a mouse prob: what mouse do you suggest me to move to from this one ( i pretty much re starting playing quake )?

ps: i'm running everything in win7

thank you all