Greetings, infidels.

So my EXQUISITE 64bitwin7powergamer quad core rig which specs i print out and proceed to ejaculate on on a daily basis, so i will not include them for safety reasons, is not able to run my EXQUISITE cnq3.exe without the framerate behaving like in some piece of shit 30fps cap modern day fps yo. Eyecancer AND a noticable decline in sexual prowess are the result.
What i'm saying basically is it's not running really smooth unless i set the affinity to one core, via task manager, every time i start the motherfucker up.

So i read in the world wide webs you can force affinity for applications permanently but they all do it by creating batch files and some shit. nerds be crazy.

Anyways i can't use a batch file with cpmclickup i would assume. Is there any other way?
Is there some idiotproof tool i can use?
Tell me

thanks for reading, too. even if you're not helping. i created wall of text