The opponent uses a long strafe to dodge the rocket. He does not necessarily need to predict the rocket as i am at a long range and so the rocket will take a long time to reach him. This dodge can also be done in the vertical plane (forward/back).

The opponent predicts that i will move in after the first rocket and does a long strafe away from the rocket direction and times it perfectly so that i don't have enough time to re-adjust. This is a good distance to predict instead of react as the rocket launcher will almost work like hitscan at such a distance. This dodge can also be done in the vertical plane (forward/back).

The opponent pretends to do a long strafe to the right but goes back to the left as i shoot my rocket. This dodge can also be done in the vertical plane (forward then back/back then forward).

You are aware that the opponent will move back after climbing the stairs to do a fake long strafe dodge so you wait for him to move back before you shoot. To counter this, he does a short strafe back instead of a long strafe so that i miss the initial rocket and then he does a long strafe forward again to get as far away from the rocket as he can. This dodge can also be done in the horizontal plane (long strafe right/left, short strafe left/right, long strafe right/left). Also a note that this dodge is difficult to perform as it requires the opponent to delay the rocket.

As I miss my first rocket the opponent does a bunch of small strafes baiting me to shoot him then does a long strafe to the right as i shoot my rocket. Sometimes it is also a good idea to do a forward/back long strafe dodge instead or even a jump at the end to make it even more unpredictable.

What's happening here is that I am aware that after the initial small dodges the opponent will do a long strafe so I am delaying my rocket to know which direction he will take. To counter this, he fakes a long strafe to the right. Also a note that this dodge is difficult to perform as it requires the opponent to delay the rocket.

The opponent predicts that i will shoot the ground and jumps over my rocket

As you can see here cypher hit evil with a nice rocket and evil was bounced in the air. Luckily evil was able to dodge the second rocket as he changed his direction from left to right while mid-air. This dodge is possible even if you are not bounced in the air by simply jumping but is quite risky as it requires the opponent to over-predict the rocket. The opposite of this is also possible (forward then back/back then forward)

I call this the mixed dodge because the opponent moves to the left (horizontal) and then goes back (vertical). It also adds the element of surprise as the enemy must not only predict in a horizontal plane but a vertical one too. So this would be a great move if your fake long strafe dodge is becoming too predictable. This dodge is particularly useful when entering a room to deal constant lg damage. The opposite of this can also work (forward then right/left, back then right/left). This can even be done with the double fake long strafe dodge (e.g. right then left then back, forward then left then back etc).

After cooller misses the first rocket rapha moves into cooller and does a bunch of smaller dodges then does a long strafe to the right just before cooller shoots his rocket. The advantages this has from a mixed dodge is that moving left and right while going forward at the same time adds an element of surprise as the opponent is unsure if you will do a long strafe left or right after moving in.

Notice how well rapha times the dodge. Knowing he just spent a lot of valuable time +backing from the previous rocket there is a very small window of time to dodge the next rocket so he decides to compromise and does 2 strafes (right then left) instead of the traditional 3 or 4 strafes that usually makes up the small dodges. It is also a good idea sometimes to reduce your strafe length or increase your strafe length/strafes in your small dodges. For example when an opponent is close range your long strafe double fake dodge may need to change so that the large strafes instead become mediums strafes. The reason why you may want to do more strafes in your small dodges is because when the opponent is further away sometimes the opponent may unintentionally delay the rocket ever so slightly and if you dodge too early the opponent will notice this and readjust their aim but if you are far away even if the opponent doesn't delay the shot you will still have enough time to react accordingly. Also another useful move you can do to improve your timing in tight corridors is to delay your small dodges slightly by standing still during the beginning or end of your small dodges as even a single misstep can affect your final dodge because the final dodge must be performed in one direction otherwise you would just hit a wall. Here is an example of the move being performed (INSERT COOLLER GIF HERE). But don't worry about this timing stuff too much, it all comes instinctively (except the tight corridors part you should attempt the beginning and end standing still dodge in a game at least once to get a hang of it).

Forward dodges at the end like this - can also be done but you must not be directly facing him (try and keep a side angle at minimum from the opponent) otherwise you will just eat a face full of rockets. This makes it so this type of dodge is only practical if you have a weapon that has a cooldown period such as the rocket launcher otherwise you are wasting valuable time dealing no damage. You will also not be able to track your opponent at all during this dodge (even though tracking usually improves your dodging by making each strafe based around the opponent) making it harder for yourself with any weapon. To get around this we add wasd dodging but this is still a useful dodge to make to shave off those precious seconds not pressing left/right or tracking your opponent like seen here (INSERT COOLLER GIF HERE).

Wasd dodging is dodging where we use forward/back and left/right at the same time like this - . The advantage of this type of dodging compared to the ones listed here is that i have to guess the opponents strafe direction not just horizontally (left/right) but vertically (forward/back). I also have to move my mouse more because he is circling around me further increasing the likelihood of me missing. All the dodges listed here can be improved by using the wasd dodging method for e.g. the fake long strafe dodge could be a fake long strafe to the left&fwd then strafe right&back as we just saw or mix it up with regular and wasd dodging such as a fake long strafe left then strafe right&back (This one is particularly useful as even if the opponent delays the rocket and sees you perform the fake long strafe dodge he will often miss vertically because he only saw you change your strafe to the right and did not delay long enough to see the change in vertical movement). The possibilities are endless. Also a good counter to this type of dodge when the enemy is circling you is to +back and strafe left or right because without the +back you will often be blocked by the enemy model making yourself an easy target.

You can combine different dodging moves like the ones listed here to continue dodging unpredictably. As you can see here cooller dodges the initial rocket with the small strafe dodges to long strafe dodge method and continues to strafe left until just before noctis shoots another rocket where he strafes right a.k.a the fake long strafe dodge method. A personal favorite of mine that has yet to fail against anybody is the (fake long strafe dodge) to the (small dodges to long strafe dodge).

Next time your missing rockets against a good dodger, slow down the demo and see how he is moving. I can guarantee you that it will most likely be one of these moves from the list.
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