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Most exciting and epic 25 second in QL history ever (3 comments)
Posted by nined @ 09:24 CST, 10 December 2019 - iMsg
Rapha United States of America vs Evil Russia - QL Duel, Grand Final (QuakeCon 2016)
Most exciting and epic 25 second in QL history ever

Video starts 46:44
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The legend shaman is back (26 comments)
Posted by nined @ 05:30 CST, 6 December 2019 - iMsg
To give you shamanic blessing and put good vitality spell on you.

Not been here for a while, whats going on here, 30+ y.o oldmen pretending playing new quake shit toy QC, cyber sport clowns - what a bluff. May be stop it, it end of line, generation closed. May be come back you wifes, kids etc.

1st of all shamanic greeting to Cooller, what is his secret of focused tranquility during final matches? And of cause "he is always whatching you" V . Number one smart player of QL. Also very sexy and handsome Quake idol.

Evil is very good vs Ratha, Greatest match 2017 QuakeCon,3th match, Elder map, 7-8 overtimes.

Greeting to Cypher, Cokie, Xron and others. Great time QL TDM National Cups 2010-2012.

Tmd pickups..Ty Lam...Great times, never come back.....

Thank you guys.
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Future of e-sport (47 comments)
Posted by nined @ 14:16 CDT, 13 May 2015 - iMsg
Hello guyz,

1st of descibed concept is not new and already got some analogs.

Found ESR community forum best place to describe in a brief my futuristic but mb interesting idea :-) Cause on ESR are the most progressive, open-minded, active nerds, youngsters and big ballers community ever. Best gaming, non stoping, wanking bunny hoping rabbits, very smart and high educated individuals.

What is described below are related to whole competitive gaming or so called cybersport, e-sport. It is about decentralization, bitcoin and brand new vision to old things. It is just short memo but worth a big article with history, theory etc. It's not unique but kinda words not spoken.

------histrory/theory/conspiracy (!content warning! pass this part you can feel sick)

Let's take modern e-sport history from twitch tv times, casters, big tournaments, big games. 90% of players playing just for fun, ye ye players know how to jerk a mouse and keyboard decent part of theirs damn lifes with visual interaction they see on the screen, so most action take place in da brains, like interactive sweet motion fantacy, at 1st glance looks like kinda cyberpunk stuff)

Gaming is similar to real mastrubation and is an addition/substitition to this, just another form of mastrubation, kinda safe/indirect form. It is researched by smart BIG people, books written etc, if you disagree just deal with it. This forum is not a place for detail descibtion of such 'deep, dark' psy/ conspircy things. But in a brief. No talks about who is Carmac and why quake are full of some 'devil textures', why Carmac gone to research wanking helmet hardware/software, why LOL/DOTA sponsors are porntubes, why oldgames and games are not supported anymore.

So 90% of players are just for fun players - yes it's ok and kinda normal. But addiction to gaming is powered by some 'unconsciousness impulses', engine is youngster 'sexuality' (libido, hormones, complex things ) and competitive games are developed in special way, saying it without 'psy' things is special way then outcome of a match, battle is very unpredictable and it is similar to real gambling then u place a bet and get excited of a win and loose, whatever hormones/psy mechanic used and you playing more and more. Look at large cut of stats of team play based games, you'll see aproximated 50% wins and 50% looses and you will never be sure of match result till last second - that how modern games are developed.

Also moden online games are kinda substitution (projection) of real life success absence/failure so that why people who play games called tards, nerds etc. But better play games for fun while you are young instead of going to streets and fighing for you slave rights, its like 'utilization' of our energy, 24h wank a mouse, fight with monsters, repeating devils texture more and more untill full unsatisfaction. Thats is conspiracy part, yes not all words spoken....on public but that is enough to catch idea

----the IDEA
Ok, there is like 2 ways of playing modern competitive games
FOR fun and like a pro with sponsorts, tournament, money prizes, casting, fun sector etc attributes. Important thing is that you can get money only from sposnors ie centralized. So called pro playing is depended on sponsors who are just figuratively speaking 'jew-mascons' companies with their OWN interests.

It's like you are a bitch and you income depends only from P.I.M.P rest of the time you just sucking rockets :-) for fun! Can you be described as pro bitch, the answer is - "no', you just kinda slave and regardless how good you are in sucking, you cannot get benefit from it. Can Cooller or someone else get more benefit from his wins more then just fun, may be yes if someone deside to make a tournament..on old game..i dont to monetize Cooller skills? I dont know..just play for fun) But got some idea/teknology that can change it) if it will be accepted and realized.

If you are playing really good, you have talant, train well, got xp or just smoke damn kushy kush before online/lan matches like Cypher/Avek/Cooller/Rapha etc did. You can get benefit from you everyday play, you do moneytized you addiction/hobby, but those people are like 1% and industry use only new games, new trends, new players of certain game generation - big brother pay only big brothers games, community, tournaments. Nobody needs quake, cause its old and community are old)

---The idea itself
Imagine you are pro sportsman or pro team of damn pro uber railers) Imagine the game is damn good no matter who developed it, how old it is, gfx etc just good game for e-sport. What you will do? Wait for sponsors or start for fun...Now imagine gambling nerd - addicted of 'adrenaline' of wining or loosing his money (form of energy), He place a bet and rely ONLY ON LUCK, CHANCE. Gambling nerd cannot AFFECT on result directly or even indirectly - wheel just rotating its totally random.

Now imagine a cybershamanic sportsman and gambling approach. You play match/ tournament/ league and invest small amount of money..lets imagine teamplay of some 12v12 game like BF or ETQW or even QL (not matter of stupid mechanic)

and invest small amount of money into you match, its like a bet but you/team can affect on outcome, you are responsable for result, you playing serious, better and its 100 times more exiting (main point) can loose you bet or double it or take the whole tournament prize

For those of you who thinging right now (wtf, i will never invest money in this - its just no fun,its just a game. i'm not a gambler..yes you are not, you are super shamanic cyber sportsmen and you earned some small money using you skills instead of playing for fun...)

Imagine you are Agent and working hard on russian car factory doing robotic stuff whole week or just euro unemployed individual with small income or pocket money) You want to relax on Sunday, smoke some kush or drink gozhelka (vodka) add $5-10 to tournament (inside safe, secured, decentalized bitcoin based, not gov regulation, prooven gaming-gambling system) is you chance to get fun playing + earn at smallest double money or more.

Is it better instead playing for fun or rely on sponsors, is it for adults? is it serious, more then. You can play any game even those who not anymore supported for 'some reason'. Games can be more interesting, more exiting cause its very close to real things.

I dont like gambling and never bet money on something, but gambling then you are fully involved and responsable for outcome is much better, its is sport without sponsors...It is way of free people)

I would not descibe tech aspect detail of such e-sport system but in can be real competetor to real gambling and someone want to regulate/tax it. Bitcon, blockchain and modern technologies is your friend my dear. Think about income of such e-sport casinos (dont like this word) and their %'s?

One more time such private e-sport casinos already exist but not developed well or are just developing right now.

----fun sector
For you shamanic haters and lovers i can recommend best and last Carmacs quake creation ever, it's a pity not seen it being younger) It called ETQW - yes best developed and designed team-class-based fps game ever made. So i write this concept ('idea') inspired by brilliant teamplay game, combining best from TF's, ET, all versions of quake, BF's and more

Quake are just too way old and outdated, simple robotic gameplay even in tdm. It was good for all time. But i think e-sport+gambling concept desribed here can be applied to any game.

Thanks for reading, no i released my brain)
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Nined on fire - new movie by TolstiyTrol (75 comments)
Posted by nined @ 15:49 CST, 5 February 2013 - iMsg
Nined on fire - new Nined frag movie by TolstiyTroll (russian pickup tdm player), based on most epic tdm macth ever played, 5dmg, 27 frags - perfect shamanic.

The frags itseft was rly secondary, but movie scenario and moviemakers perfomance - excelent. Thanks troll for epic move making.

Have A Good Spawn
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Nined on fire - new movie by TolstiyTrol (2 comments)
Posted by nined @ 15:47 CST, 5 February 2013 - iMsg
Nined on fire - new Nined frag movie by TolstiyTroll (russian pickup tdm player), based on most epic tdm macth ever played, 5dmg, 27 frags - perfect shamanic.

The frags itseft was rly secondary, but movie scenario and moviemakers perfomance - excelent. Thanks troll for epic move making.

Have A Good Spawn
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Shamanic tdm mod (features) (18 comments)
Posted by nined @ 20:26 CST, 21 January 2013 - iMsg
Hello world,

Just small notes of some ideas came from deep shamanic jungle.
May extand standart QL tdm mod with more shamanic fun. Just spraying some features into your heads, kids.

I'll add new features into this dream sheet each time they appear from mystic jungle fog.
1. The very 1st quad/bs appears on the map instantly after match starting at random (accessible) spot fully INVISIBLE, so every player can STEP onto invisible shamanic quad. Very random and exciting action, 8 players try to find quad shooting each other and gain control/frags on the map. Invisible quad is lostable (ffa style) and still invisible - can be taken many time untill it will expire.

Rest of quads appear on the standart map designed spots visible and not lostable. If 1st quad was not found untill 3, 5 ,7 ... minutes standart quad would not appear. It's possible to own 2 quads at the same time.

Exciting action, shamanic dance before 1st invisible quad/bs.

2. Shamanic detpack - dropable, no need ammo, kamikadze weapon that appear every time before powerups (minute of power time) with random 5-15 seconds before quad/bs delay. Randomly appear near standart player spawns. Detpack carrier indicated by icon to his teammates only.

How it works? Detpack is large slash damage bomb with big damage power = tripple power with quad. Player with detpack can only use detpack by blowing up himself in some tactical situations or shamanic self sacrifice. For example 10 hp player took a quad surrounded by bunch of enemies, pull a ring and 4 enemy players are done. Kill enemy BS? No problem, just come closer and blow youself and bs into space. Surrounded or disguised by enemy shafter at shamanic spot waiting for mega with low hp? No any chance to survive? Pull detpack trigger. Shamanic enought?

There is variations, you can be detpack and powerup carrier at the same time after his death automaticly blows detpack. Oh oh enemy dont try to kill quad close range - its dangerous :-)

3. It was such a silly thing for me when i got a knowledge that every type or armour: green, yllow, red - it fact are the same type of armour diff only of its amount. Why not make 3 types of armour with 3 different resitance against certain weapons:

--red armour absorbs (resist to) +5-20% more explosive damage - RL, GL
--yellow armour absorbs (resist to) 5-20% of shaft, plasma, lava damage
--green or shards are more effective against SG, MG, CG, Fist, Impacts

So each type of armour has its own effetiency against different types of weapons.

For ex. 100 red vs enemy shaft damage is weaker then 100 yellow vs enemy shaft and vise versa. Armour managment and a bit more tactical :-)

If player got 50 red, 25 yellow and 8 green armour they DO NOT add as the same armour BUT absorb damage properly according to absorb/resistance formula - from weapon type of enemy shooting at you. You got both armour indicators - general and detailed.

4. Shamanic smoke grenades is a weapon with constant spawn time (each 2-3 minutes) and location - single clip. Smoke grenade makes large smoke semi-transapernt cloud for certain time (5-10 sec) and a player who stand IN or BEHIND this cloud is invulnerable against enemy RAILS, semi-visibility does not matter, rails just unable to damage a player standing in this cloud. Other weapons DO damage.

Gonna Take quad on Purgatory? railable? see enemy railer from balcony, no worries one of your shamanic team mates already primed smoke grenade in quad spot - more safe quad pickup.

5. Some of the map structures are destroyable after very very amount of damage, so at the end of the game will be some ruins:-) But it should not affect much on game play and map design, you cannot do shamanic hole/hide in the wall.

to be continue
stay shamanic :-)
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Anyone played q2dm8 (warehouse) tdm? (43 comments)
Posted by nined @ 21:07 CST, 5 January 2013 - iMsg
Anyone played q2 remake map for QL - WAREHOUSE?
Just for test
Worth playing?
Any chance to test it 4v4?
Any demo?


We afraid to learn something new, more dm20, MOAR (c) kids

--shamanic quote--

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Full shamanic (movie) (39 comments)
Posted by nined @ 23:50 CST, 19 December 2012 - iMsg
"Full shamanic" (full movie)

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Rocked Pad jump by Nined on terminatria (91 comments)
Posted by nined @ 11:27 CST, 3 December 2012 - iMsg
Video trick how easy to reach quad from lower RL on terminatria map by Nined.

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