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Posted by clerictgm @ 01:55 CST, 19 November 2019 - iMsg

Quake Champions? Are you kidding me?
Reflex - dead?
UT series - dead?
QL - walking dead?
What are you playing, guys?
Diabetical - dead.

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Higher DPI = BETTER? (13 comments)
Posted by clerictgm @ 02:31 CDT, 10 September 2018 - iMsg
Or do I missing something?
Ingame sensitivity settings are actually not sensitivity, but amplifying settings, so it means that it's better to have HIGH DPI/LOW INGAME SENS, Isn't it?

I'm playing on 1080p@900dpi now and think should I change my DPI to 1800+ and lower ingame sens?

Target is not to have pixel skipping and to have perfect accuracy.
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Should I buy Deathadder 3500 for 60 USD? (22 comments)
Posted by clerictgm @ 17:28 CDT, 4 September 2016 - iMsg
And Kingston HyperX Fury Pro XL (900x420x4mm) for 25 USD?

Now I have some Krait 4G (2013) but I'm not an Asian so it's too small for me :'( And some random chineese A4Tech 437x400x3mm mouse pad.

Can also buy
SS Rival 100 Alchemy for 45 USD,
SS Rival 300 (white) for 75 USD,
Logitech G300S for 40 USD
and Logitech G302 for 50 USD ...

Am I right thinking that DA3500 is teh best of them?
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Posted by clerictgm @ 10:47 CDT, 26 April 2016 - iMsg

We have 2 GE's and 3 nice guys. Playing in EU area pretty often in competitive on custom maps (and usual) at our own POWAHfull server.

Also we're playing MM(gay, too much cheaters)/ESEA/FACEIT/CEVO and wanna try Prime MM.

So anyone who want to have some fun welcomed.

steamID: nightmaster47

also we're playing some arena shooters (Reflex, UTs/CPMA/QL)
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[DIY] Custom Stuff (122 comments)
Posted by clerictgm @ 03:13 CDT, 29 March 2016 - iMsg
Hello, ESR!
I've been thinking about some upgrade but since everything is shit (ģ) and since I have some hw skillz I decided to upgrade my PC the smart way :D

Now I have this setup:
3770K@4300 (Linx x64 AVX up to 85deg)
ASUS GTX 780@1100/7000 (Furmark up to 79 deg)
2xCrusial Ballistix 8GB 8-8-8-24-T1@1866Mhz.

Firstly I wanted to get 980Ti/6700K but since "shitlake" PCBs made of paper and 980Ti being not so powerful I've decided to do a "smart upgrade":

1) 256GB A-DATA SP920 (Marvell 88SS9189)
2) Coollaboratory Liquid PRO + CS 0.15ml
3) 2x120 or 2x140 PWM fans to improve GTX 780 Cooling.

Also I will need some simple soldering iron and sharp scalpel.

I can buy 980Ti and 5820K, but it's the easy and irrational way :D

So what I'm aiming for:
1) To scalp my 3770K and replace "horse semen" that intel puts inside for liquid metal to get 4700-4800+ frequencies from my CPU and to have temps less than 70 in LinX 64 AVX.
2) To get the maximum frequencies out of my GTX 780 (1200-1300+ GPU and higher memory clocks if it would bottle-necking GPU). So it would be equal to stock 980Ti.
3) Memory. Who need this stupid DDR4 with timings huge as Oprah Winfrey's ass. Target is ~ 10-10-10-30 T1 2400Mhz.
4) SSD? Obvious. HDD is the most bottle-necking piece of hardware in any PC. It slows down everything all the time.

What I've already done on GF's PC:
Spent 5 EUR and 20 minutes. Temp dropped from 82 to 63 in furmark.

BTW this method is extremely efficient and always results in extra 15-25C degrees drop plus lesser noise.
Some more pics:

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[BUGS] CSGO is a buggy piece of... (27 comments)
Posted by clerictgm @ 01:41 CDT, 16 March 2016 - iMsg
"e-"sports"" :D

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"Sharp" mouse feel(flawless sensors etc) (10 comments)
Posted by clerictgm @ 12:48 CST, 29 February 2016 - iMsg
Just found and bought for $30 brandnew Razer Krait 2013 (4G) [Avago ADNS-S3988] to try and compare it to my Razer Abyssus 2014 [Avago ADNS-S3888].

Well.. as was said many times before, yes this mouse is tiny and for asians. But.. I feel pretty fine with my large hand and fingertip grip.

My Abyssus 2014 worked not always ideally on my cloth pad. And with this Krait.. tracking feels sharper and more precise.
Is it placebo? Or there may be some objective reasons for it?
Both tested @900dpi:

Of course I need more time to test everything, but..

1) It feels sharper and more accurate (not confirmed 100% yet).
2) LOD is much better on cloth pad.

And please, advise me some MOAR flawless mice :D I'll buy and test it.

BTW you can plug in few mice and use'em all at the same time :D so you can switch them while playing to test on-the-fly.
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Upgrade or??? (41 comments)
Posted by clerictgm @ 12:40 CST, 18 February 2016 - iMsg
What do you think?
Now I have i7-3770K, GTX 780, 2x4GB DDR3.
Thought about getting i7-6700K, GTX 980 (or AYEMDEEE?) and 2x8 GB DDR4...
or 6600K + GTX 980Ti/R9 FURY
Does it have any sense?
This is f_king scary how fast they're changing generations.. if something of my setup (MB for example) dies.. what to do? Nothing, because there are no z77 MBs in shops anymore.

And I also want some performance boost.. achieve stable 500FPS@full hd in csgo maybe..
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Solving mice problems once and forever (No comments)
Posted by clerictgm @ 07:00 CST, 18 February 2016 - iMsg
Do you have a favorite mouse you happy with? A mouse which gives you good and stable competitive performance. A mouse that don't f_cks your brain and works stable on many surfaces.

Then.. why changing/replacing it after it broke?

The most problematic things in mice are:
1) microswitches
2) wheel
3) cable
4) body

The body is the most reliable part usually from that 4. And the sensor is almost immortal.
Changing cable is so easy even your dog can do it.

And about microswitches and wheel, you can replace it easily in 10-20 minutes. And more, omron are not the best ones and not fault-free. I've seen some chineese that works for 8 years of regular and hard using w/o any problems. You can order it or even find it for free easily.

So.. I'll find a mouse that I would be happy with, buy few examples and would use it 4life repairing it if it broke.
It can work even in 2016 for WMO. Buy few (even used) on ebay and repair it if they broke => WMO4LIFE. And who da f_ck cares that it was discounted years ago.
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Native DPI of every mouse+aby 2k14 prob (34 comments)
Posted by clerictgm @ 14:18 CST, 7 February 2016 - iMsg

So, we all know now that every DPI beyond a three-digit is a lie.
It's interpolated some way of another.

So, logically you must run native DPI to have the best tracking.
For example: its better to have 400dpi@4.0 sens than having 1600dpi@1.0 sens.

So the question is, where to get exact numbers?

And what to do with some mice like Abyssus 2014?
I have it and w/o synapse it runs at 1800 dpi, which is a lot.
What to do with this abyssus? Install synapse and force it to XXX?? (and what is native for aby 2k14?)
Or synapse still f_ks up tacking?
In that case I may get another mouse... I don't want f_ked up tracking.
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SSD or 2xHDDs? (27 comments)
Posted by clerictgm @ 10:34 CST, 4 February 2016 - iMsg
Hello, guys. What is better, how do you think?
Both setups costs ~220EUR.

1'st setup:

2'nd setup:
2x3TB TOSHIBA's (64mb/7200rpm)

The point is: how much would be the difference if with second setup I'll install WINDOWS on 1st HDD and SOFT+GAMES on second?
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2000Hz mouse (1000Hz are middle ages) (23 comments)
Posted by clerictgm @ 10:24 CST, 4 February 2016 - iMsg
OMG, what are they doing? 500Hz is definitely not enough, 1000Hz may be not enough too. Go for 2000!
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Wrong cm/360 results (15 comments)
Posted by clerictgm @ 04:55 CST, 1 February 2016 - iMsg
For example if my sens are 1.3333333333333@1800dpi or 6@400dpi (which is the same) actually I have 20.18cm/360 if I measure it by myself. I'm 100% right and re-measured it 20 times.
But tells me that I have 360į rotation: 17.3182 cm. But ITS WRONG.
WTF? I missed something?
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144HZ MEGAGUIDE (BR/X-syncs busted) (673 comments)
Posted by clerictgm @ 00:58 CST, 30 January 2016 - iMsg
Worldwide investigation about 144hz monitors and blur reduction/syncing technologies.


First about Blur Reduction (ULMB, LightBoost) and G/Free-syncs.
BLUR REDUCTION (also known as ULMB, LightBoost) is useless for gaming. Absolutely.
Iíve tested few types of situations when you need to notice an enemy while fast-turning. For example, fast left-right check (90 deg left + 180 deg right) done in ~<0.5sec in CSGO. And also some fast-turning situations in Reflex and CPMA.
And you know what? BLUR REDUCTION IS ABSOLUTELY USELESS AND RATHER RUINS EVERYTHING THAN HELPING. It's 100%, absolutely not for gaming (unless you are playing Sims 4). And reality is there are no f_k1ng blur reduction at all.
BR just doesnít work at high speeds.
Yes, if you are playing at comp level, if you are turning fast THERE ARE BLUR with 144Hz@BR ON!
This technology works only when you are looking at slowly moving objects/pictures. Like one in this test;pursuit=0
It moves with 960pixels/sec speed. 960 PER SECOND!!! If your FOV is 106, for example, your 180 will equal 1829 pixels in full HD. With 960/sec pixels speed, it will take 1.9 sec for 180!
With this turning speed you will have no BLUR with 144Hz@BR ON ahahahahahahahaha.
BUT WHO DOES 180 IN ALMOST 2 SECONDS? Itís a time enough for few frags.

So, BR is absolutely useless, and adds THESE FANCY BONUSES to your gaming experience:
1) +Input Lag [equal or less than 1000/refresh rate=??ms] (for example at 144Hz it may be up to 6.94444444ms).
2) +crosstalk/ghosting/overshoot
3) +amplified stutters
4) +flicker
Also kids may cry about and annoy you with links to,, but the truth is:
Blur Reduction looks great when you're staring at high-contrast content with a clear center of attention (like a red UFO flying across a flat background), but it's pointless when you consider the mixed contrast of your average FPS game scene.

G/Free-syncs are useless for gaming. Absolutely.
Tearing? GET HIGH FPS 817CH!
Seriously, if your FPS is 250+ (better 333-500+) you just wouldnít notice tearing.
Kids would tell you about some fluidity and smoothness. Okay, itís truth but donít forget about extra input lag (tiny, but we donít need that) and that youíll be forced to cap your FPS to 144. For me 144 is not enough, higher FPS = less input lag. (1000/FPS=??ms). If you have capped 144fps it means you have 6.94444444ms of input lag. With 500FPS it would be just 2ms. Huge difference, isnít it?

So, all this ďTIEKNOLOGEEEZĒ are just BS and marketing. Same as 12000DPI in mice (interpolated).
But we are smarter than their marketing departments.

Now lets talk about monitors and how to choose the right one.
The situation is so bad I'm afraid It would be really difficult to get a decent one.
What you need to look at? Itís easy:
1) Low input lag and response time
2) Low amount/no ghosting (overshoot %)
3) Picture quality (contrast ratio, color temperature, color accuracy). Contrast ratio is more important than other parameters, because you can't do anything with poor contrast, for example, but poor colors may be calibrated.

I don't trust BenQ after 2 defective monitors in a row.
PHILIPS has extremely poor build quality (can't get it exactly horizontal, for example, because of weak stand).
AOC has poor contrasts and it's owned by TVP that owns part of PHILIPS..
Eizo/ASUS - using the same panels but just more expensive. And there are many defective 2K IPS monitors from ASUS.
ACER has mostly good reviews, but for some reason it's EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE in my city ACER XB240HA (144Hz 24" TN) costs same as ASUS MG278Q and BenQ XL2730Z (that are 144Hz 27" 2K). This is really strange..
And also there are DELL 144Hz but I know nothing about them and don't think they are highly differs from others.

This problem is really huge. This is not about price segment, as we can see, expensive monitors are bad too.
Getting ASUS MG279Q you have pretty high chance of getting backlight bleeding with a WQHD 2560x1440 IPS 144Hz 4ms for $650. What a shame.
Or this fancy new $1150 ACER Z35 PREDATOR@200Hz that can't work@200Hz because of poor response time. What a shame again.
And do you think they engineers did not know that their product wouldnít be able to work normally at 200Hz? Then knew it! Acer Z35 is a child of marketing. MOM 200 HZ! But such a low response time, using everything higher than 120Hz not really practical. So, honestly this is a 120Hz monitor.

It's so ugly it even becomes funny. Pay so much@get chineese sh17. Nice.

My next try is Iiyama GB2788HS-B1 and it's promising to be one of the best monitors for competitive gaming, test results are really good:

-1200:1 contrast ratio
-awesome response time
-good native colour temperature

The only thing is need to be done is calibrating colors, but it's not an issue at all.
And also their monitors usually adjustable to fully get rid of ghosting.

There are also Iiyama GB2488HSU and itís great in all terms, except of contrast (~700:1). It's a shame, it might be the best of the best monitor on the market if it'll have at least 800-850:1.
BUT, there are new revision came out:
Allow me to represent. GB2488HSU-B2 (second, improved revision of GB2488HSU-B1):

1350:1 contrast ratio
top level responsibility
+ good color temp/color accuracy out of the box

I'll test my Iiyama 27" in few days and let you know, guys, is it any good. Iiyama is our last hope :D (and LG24GM77 if you can find it in your city)

All 3 in one table:

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Abyssus 2014 CRAZY JITTER (8 comments)
Posted by clerictgm @ 04:13 CST, 9 January 2016 - iMsg
1800 dpi 500hz, w/o synapse - wooden lacquered table - cloth A4Tech pad

I don't know If it would be good to use it on table.. At least on the table tracking is perfect but its pretty uncomfy.

What to do with this mouse? Previous A4Tech X-718BK worked fine on that cloth pad, the only issue was a prediction, that's why I changed my mouse to Abyssus.

I can't use cloth pads with it? Only plastic?

Should I order G100S to try (it will costs me ~15 eur)? Or it can work bad on cloth pad too?

tl;dr I need a pad for Abyssus or other mouse..
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One more player! (13 comments)
Posted by clerictgm @ 11:55 CST, 16 November 2015 - iMsg
Hey, guys. Just bought 4-pack Reflex and tried it. Yes, it's awesome. The only thing to complain now is: not so many servers(EU).

What about EU players/servers?
Help me please with some advice for newbies (config, console commands, etc).

What about netcode and maximum acceptable ping to play normally?

Add me
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Annoying CSGO problems (26 comments)
Posted by clerictgm @ 03:04 CST, 16 November 2015 - iMsg
Hello, guys! I want to talk about some really annoying CSGO problems.
I've played this game for ~2000 hrs. Previously played all CS games from 1.0 beta 5 and I love CS much (also as I love HL1).

Started as a fully noob and played for fun w/o any analysis, just has good reaction time and not a bad aim. Calibrated to Nova 4 for some reason. Have few duels (1x1 MM rules DE maps 128 tick) when I was Nova 4 with supremes/globals that I easily won (average supremes/GE).

Easily get GE in next 3 months (at this moment overall I've played ~6 months in GO).

And now I want to talk about things that makes me mad in CSGO:

1) Itís not a pro cyberdiscipline, it's not a cybersports. It is really-really forced to be a "cybersports".
Why? Too much random, and consequently less skill influence.
Look at this beautiful work, done by 3kliksphilip:

A) 1st shot and base inaccuracy of many weapons is ridiculous (AK47, for example has extremely high inaccuracy overall, even spraying is random if you know spray patter perfectly). This leads to ~750 units limit of 100% chance to get a headshot from AK47 while standing. Anything more than 750 is random even if you are shooting in a static target. It doesnít matter how sharp and perfect you aim is. Pray to the god of Random. This is silly and force you to spray in the body! Taps? FUG NO :D

B) This noobish thing with getting stopped/losing a lot of velocity when youíve god hit.

C) Imbalance of weapons/stupid weapons stats.
MP9 for example. Totally IMBA. Most accurate SMG, not bad damage, 857 RPM, and extremely high accuracy overall, especially while running, jumping and falling. At close ranges you can spray mid-air and easily hit headshots. It is so effective, you CAN get a GLOBAL using only MP9.
MAC10 is great too (very high running, mid-air accuracy).
Or tec9/fiveseven. For $500 you can easily oneshot enemies at close distances (with tec9ís running accuracy even at the full speed (240us)).
This is really funny when youíve got killed by a $500-1250 weapon, having a fullbuy and ~3K weapon in your hands. Even a lower skill player can kill you if heíd get lucky with random headshot..
And again, about accuracy of AK47. SG553/AUG has extremely sharp accuracy and can stable hit headshots from ~2000 units, while AK can only from 750. Why?
Also SG553/AUG are extremely stable while spraying because of low base inaccuracy. And it doesnít matter that SG has a bit worse spray pattern, it Is easier to spray (of course Iím talking about noscope shooting, scope on sg almost=cheat (reduced inaccuracy, reduced recoil, spray pattern is almost 2 times smaller + it can oneshot from any distance)).
Elites. WHAT? Improvements? This weapon is still a non-lethal shit.
M249Ö Even Negev can be used to kill someone(4phun). Why they added (not made them useful) M249 and Elites if they are so ineffective?

D) CROSSHAIRS are not centered:

E) Recoil is calculating on server, while decals calculating on client. This leads to really f**ed-up situations when you can even see blood sprays but hit is not registered and enemy get 0dmg.

F) Strange/fkdup reghit system. Sometimes perfect shots (static AWP shot in the center of the model) doesnít register. Sometimes you spray at the close range with AK and get 0 hits when you know you MUST get at least 3 hits. Or some missed Zeus shots from the range of knife stub in the center of the modelÖ
This is one of the reasons P90/smgs is so good. 50 clip + 857 RPM.
In the game, where AIM is everything reghit is a joke... :D

G) Netcode. What you see differs so much with what is actually going on on server and also differs with what spectator (dead teammate) see. 64 tickÖ

Kids, kids, kids. Angry kids. Angry Polish kids, angry German kids, angry Russian kids, angry %countryname% kids.
Flaming, teamkilling, rude griefing, blaming team, no respect to team and enemies even on GE.
Maybe Iím biased but I think that Q/UT/arena shooters communities are better. Oh wait.. you canít teamkill and blame team in this games :D

Amount of cheaters is just CRAZY in CSGO. According to the most conservative estimates (VACban stats + my experience) I think there are ~18% (100% no less than 10%) of cheaters that is extremely alot.
They getting banned and buying new accs for $2-4 on regular sale. And again. And again. Valve getting money, everything is great.

Itís so fun getting pre-fired in the head through whole long. Running AK47/Deag headshots. Or when someoneís reaction time is ~0.1-0.2 sec to spot you, aim the head and shot. And this is not like 1 time, itís stable through the whole game. I believe in luck but not so much.. Itís humanly impossible. Even if you are the best of the best. Average human reaction time is ~265ms and this is about SIMPLE ACTION like click. Not spot+aim(in the head)+click.

Also on cheats: this EBOLA OVERWATCH is silly. 16 tick demos, are you seriously? Every good shot looks like a crazy auto-aim 9000+ prefire.
You canít judge someone with 16-tick demos. This is not right.
To make OW works like OW you need:
1) FULL Actual GOTV demos
2) With voice/textchat access.
At least.

Well, maybe there are more problems and issues, Iím tired to type :)
Sorry for too much expression :)
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Starting to play after a few years brake (25 comments)
Posted by clerictgm @ 03:47 CST, 13 November 2015 - iMsg
So, I want to play Q3 again and don't know what to play. I live in Russia, so what's better?
CPMA? QL(steam only now)?
Also I've heard about some PQL (turbo?), is it OK?

I love CPMA, but is it still alive? What about EU/RU servers and players?
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IMO 1.1a tracking issue? (16 comments)
Posted by clerictgm @ 10:33 CST, 15 November 2010 - iMsg
Lol, actually not IMO I guess.
When I'm trying to draw some circles in paint(doesn't matter .net or ms paint) sometimes there is a single short freeze and as result picrelated.
Any ideas why?
Win7x64/IMO1.1a new-over9000fps-revision/intellipoint software installed(automatically)
5/10 windows sens
1:1 tracking
500Hz usb polling rate
sry4my english
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