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disconnect: 7 connloerror (20 comments)
Posted by no_il @ 07:10 CST, 21 December 2013 - iMsg
Hey guys I need your help.

Ever since the update I get disconnected from server every couple of minutes. I get this error - disconnect: 7 connloerror. It is then always followed by error disconnect: 9 'something'-error. So I googled this error and according to a post made by sponge on the quakelive forums "Those errors are related to the XMPP server, not game server. If you don't have a stable connection to XMPP, it will result in you getting kicked from the game server eventually".
So opened cmd and did 'ping -n 100' to check if there is any sort of packet loss and 100/100 packets send were received. In-game my lagometer is completely clear.

I tried contacting support and contacting synce/sponge on irc, but I have yet to receive a reply.

Please help me if you have any idea what can be done, thanks in advance.
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QL's crap net codeing (28 comments)
Posted by no_il @ 11:37 CDT, 18 June 2009 - iMsg
Bassically i just want to know if ID is planning on fixing ql's crap net codeing or should I just give up on ql now.

Being from israel, I always pinged relativly high to europe (68+). With cpma it wasnt perfect but it was totally playable. Now with quake live i ping atleast 85 (yes i checked with cl_shownet 3) and it still spikes up to the 100+ zone whenever i have an lg fight and thats not even when taking into consideration that 85 ping in cpma is 10x more playable then in ql. I'm so annoyed with ID, i mean considering you guys hired arqon from the beggining why couldnt u just build ql around cpma's net codeing?

I really enjoyed playing quake but unless u guys do something about this horrible netcodeing i guess im going to have to find a diffrent game as atm it's just totally fucked. I mean, if u want u a game to succed doesnt it occure to you it needs to be playable with relativly high ping? I'm tired of games being released with crap net codeing. People have proven before that games can be playable with high ping (saurbraten being the best example, though its a shit game) and warsow/cpma also come to mind so why not make an effort to improve the shit net codeing??

If syncerror or any of u guys could just update me wether or not you plan on changing the net codeing i'd really appreciate it becuase i really feel like im wasteing my time here...
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