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some tdm clips (19 comments)
Posted by frs @ 09:09 CDT, 30 June 2013 - iMsg

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Improved spectator functionality project (72 comments)
Posted by frs @ 10:06 CST, 28 February 2013 - iMsg
Everyone knows TDM is hard to stream.

Big part of that is that most of the information about the game is kept from us. But it doesn't have to be this way.

I remember the premium scoreboards starting as a simple mockup, so here goes my attempt at a better spechud, version 1!


So here are some ideas from Lam and me to improve the tdm streaming experience.

cg_followstacked <value>

The defined value is health+armor combined which triggers pov change to the stack carrier. So if you have cg_followstacked 220, a guy who has 125 health and a RA, he has a stack of 225 and the pov changes to him. cg_followpowerup overrides this so you dont miss any quad pickups though. The functionality could be tinkered around a bit, for example you dont immeadiately change to a bigger stackcarrier but wait until the current player dies. So if a guy who has 125/100 gets killed, cg_followstacked value gets checked and if there's no one in the game with the defined stack, it just changes pov to the killer if cg_followkiller is enabled. If someone has the defined stack, then it switches to him.

Improved obituaries (deathmessages)

- 3 obituaries instead of 1 (sometimes even more are needed).

- Obituaries include Quad/BS, so it's immediately obvious when PUs are eliminated, or if the other PU is having better run than the one we're spectating.

- Obituaries include a colored background, so you don't need to read them to know which team is currently in control / getting kills.

Improved item respawn timer

- Item respawn timer shows which team picked an item last two times.
This way we can see control (blue team controls MH currently) and steals (red team had RA, but last RA was stolen by blue team).
We can also immediately see if powerups are split same way each time, or when a team had double powerup.

Spectator teamoverlay

nvc made a post about this a long time ago, basicly it's just a simplified team overlay for the spectator, shortened name (3 first letters maybe), icon of weapon in hand and health/armor values. This might cause cluttering on the screen for streams but I think it would be quite helpful to see the overall status of each team and make the game easier to understand.

Additional feature requests:

- Powerup kill counter staying on the screen for 2 seconds after the PU expires (so often you try to check the counter only after the run is over) and only then fading away.

- A version of /setviewpos for spectators on online servers, so we can bind quad room cameras for different maps.

DISCLAIMER: all the screenshots are just mockups and graphical representations of the info we want displayed, to have an image to the idea so people can see what we mean, not to be taken literally as the end-product

I'm an ideas man, I think I proved that with fuck mountain
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Was it my picture? (6 comments)
Posted by frs @ 06:20 CST, 8 February 2013 - iMsg
iMessage sent @ 14:17 EET 8 Feb 2013 - giftmbia3 is online (idle mins: 31)
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From Unset giftmbia3
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Miss Gift
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HoQ TDM season 3 final reminder (11 comments)
Posted by frs @ 00:28 CST, 6 February 2013 - iMsg
The TDM regular season is now over with some remaining catchup games left to be played. The deadline for these games is Thursday 28.2

The unplayed matches can be found here. All unplayed games will result in a double w/o if I'm not otherwise informed. All games can be reported to Finland frs

Links: HoQ, Live.QL // YouTube HouseofQuake, Twitter @HouseofQuake, Facebook HoQLeagues, mIRC #HoQLeagues
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thank you* quality hosting (143 comments)
Posted by frs @ 06:14 CST, 8 January 2013 - iMsg
5 6 ms 6 ms 6 ms []
6 7 ms 7 ms 6 ms []
7 6 ms 6 ms 6 ms []
8 6 ms 6 ms 6 ms []
9 64 ms 54 ms 55 ms []
10 54 ms 54 ms 54 ms []
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LEVEL UP TV: EuroCup weekly episode 3 (6 comments)
Posted by frs @ 21:17 CST, 10 November 2012 - iMsg
United Kingdom Disrepute and United Kingdom vor discussing EuroCup 26 week 2-3 happenings.

Episodes: Episode 1, Episode 2
Links: Facebook LevelUpTV, @LevelUpTV, YouTube LevelUpTV
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LEVEL UP TV: EuroCup weekly episode 2 (1 comment)
Posted by frs @ 08:18 CDT, 28 October 2012 - iMsg
United Kingdom Disrepute and United Kingdom vor discussing EuroCup 26 week 1 happenings.

Episodes: Episode 1
Links: Facebook LevelUpTV, @LevelUpTV, YouTube LevelUpTV
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terminatria (33 comments)
Posted by frs @ 07:26 CDT, 24 October 2012 - iMsg
the new map by bst, designed mainly for 2v2 but it seems quite good in duel too.

however my question is, would it work in 4v4? to me it seems like it could be quite decent at 4v4 aswell, the map itself seems quite well balanced out, it has interesting rooms and the mapsize in general is medium. also there are a few nice chokepoints for defense while overall the areas arent too cramped.
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random streams (14 comments)
Posted by frs @ 14:07 CDT, 15 March 2012 - iMsg
i'll try posting links of games that im watching myself when they are on:

xt-dx hoq division 1 game now on
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xentorium the movie by sharpe (166 comments)
Posted by frs @ 12:28 CST, 27 February 2012 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 8.9 (145 votes)
Movie maker par excellence France sharpe has graced us with a new movie, featuring players from Finland xentorium.

Hi everyone, this is a movie I have been working on since Dreamhack. frs asked me to do the xentorium TDM movie and I was thrilled to do it. I edited everything but he helped a lot on resuscitating the old-school era of quake for the movie. I hope you guys enjoy this, and stay tuned for some next movies to come in the spring!

- sharpe
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Hawken closed beta (5 comments)
Posted by frs @ 19:20 CST, 9 February 2012 - iMsg
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Terminus, a qltdm map by akm & frs (61 comments)
Posted by frs @ 18:20 CST, 9 February 2012 - iMsg
Finland frs: just a little video showing the map Terminus. All credit for the awesome detailing goes to United Kingdom akm!

Songs are from
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options for tdm (109 comments)
Posted by frs @ 13:30 CDT, 10 July 2011 - iMsg
regeneration, yes/no?

thinking of starting on a new map with 2 powerups, but the typical bs+quad starts to be in so many maps, might be fun to get something different
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suggest a name for our tdm map (115 comments)
Posted by frs @ 17:36 CDT, 3 July 2011 - iMsg
preview can be seen at starts around 42 minute mark

we wont necessarily pick any of the suggestions but you guys are free to make them :D
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wtf? (31 comments)
Posted by frs @ 09:05 CDT, 22 April 2011 - iMsg
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QUAD 3x or 4x? (38 comments)
Posted by frs @ 14:18 CST, 9 February 2011 - iMsg
As we all know quad is currently a joke in tdm. id's official stance is that since we have the ability to change the quad value, we should do it by ourselves so they will not change the default value back to 4x. So I suggest we should have a poll/discussion if tournaments/serious games should be using 4x quad damage instead.

Only 'downside' to it is the fact the game will be unranked, so your skill rating will not increase/decrease, but I doubt many people care about that. The match will be shown on stats afterwards though. Also there could be a lot of accidents while spawning servers that the value will stay as 3..

anyway, what do you guys think?
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evolution of ql playability (36 comments)
Posted by frs @ 10:40 CST, 12 December 2010 - iMsg

7 6 ms 6 ms 6 ms []
8 8 ms 6 ms 6 ms []
9 28 ms 39 ms 27 ms []
10 28 ms 27 ms 27 ms
11 31 ms 27 ms 27 ms []

7 7 ms 7 ms 6 ms []
8 7 ms 6 ms 6 ms []
9 33 ms 32 ms 32 ms []
10 33 ms 32 ms 33 ms
11 39 ms 32 ms 32 ms []

7 7 ms 6 ms 7 ms []
8 6 ms 6 ms 6 ms []
9 33 ms 32 ms 32 ms []
10 33 ms 33 ms 32 ms
11 40 ms 32 ms 32 ms []

7 7 ms 6 ms 6 ms []
8 7 ms 6 ms 6 ms []
9 50 ms 50 ms 98 ms []
10 50 ms 50 ms 147 ms
11 55 ms 49 ms 50 ms []

~6 month period

fuck this shit
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steelseries owning it up. (15 comments)
Posted by frs @ 22:16 CDT, 19 August 2010 - iMsg
So I recently bought a Kinzu to test out a smaller mouse, had some trouble with it and left a request in their customer support system. This is what I end up with:

my name, Aug 13 12:28 (CDT):

So I just received my Kinzu from the mail but I have a huge problem with it. I'm using SteelSeries SX for a mousepad and the sensor doesnt seem to register anything off the pad. It works smooth on my tabletop for example but not on the _very_ expensive mousepad that I specifically want to use. Previously I used the optical version of Ikari I'm quite paffled why the Kinzu wont work, since Ikari worked perfectly on it.


my name, Aug 13 13:07 (CDT):

And I got the latest software from the site, didnt help.


John W, Aug 13 13:18 (CDT):

Hey xxx

Thank you for contacting us! I've taken a look at your request and will transfer you to Mike, our Tech Support Guru, and he will be able to help you further.

He should get back to you within the next 1-2 business days.


John W


Mike S, Aug 19 16:07 (CDT):


The Kinzu uses a different, high res sensor that is unfortunately incompatible with the SX pad. We generally do not recommend the SX pad with optical mice, it is instead intended for use with laser mice.

Very sorry for the inconvenience. If you like, we can look into perhaps exchanging one of the two products. If you purchased from another retailer, perhaps they can process an exchange or return.

Let me know if you require further assistance and I'll be glad to help.

Mike S
SteelSeries Support


Oh gee, isnt that great, you dont recommend SX for optical mice? Lets see:

Q: I'm considering buying a Kinzu mouse - which mousepad is recommended for it?

A: Any mousepad that fits your playing style, really. The Kinzu is perfectly compatible with all gaming surfaces.

Specifications for SteelSeries SX:

- Compatibility: Gaming grade optical and laser technologies

I guess the Kinzu really isnt gaming grade.

It's safe to say my Kinzu is already in the return mail and I've ordered a WMO instead.
Edited by frs at 22:17 CDT, 19 August 2010 - 5117 Hits server issues, not patch related (6 comments)
Posted by frs @ 01:52 CDT, 7 August 2010 - iMsg
So, I've been steadily playing with 29-31 ping for around a year now, until like 3-4 weeks ago.

here's my old tracert to german server

8 8 ms 6 ms 6 ms []
9 28 ms 39 ms 27 ms []
10 28 ms 27 ms 27 ms
11 31 ms 27 ms 27 ms []

here's one from 3ish weeks ago

7 7 ms 6 ms 7 ms []
8 6 ms 6 ms 6 ms []
9 33 ms 32 ms 32 ms []
10 33 ms 33 ms 32 ms
11 40 ms 32 ms 32 ms []

and here's one from today:

7 6 ms 6 ms 6 ms []
8 6 ms 6 ms 6 ms []
9 38 ms 37 ms 53 ms []
10 38 ms 37 ms 37 ms
11 43 ms 37 ms 37 ms []

I've talked with some guys on irc about it and have heard that others have experienced the same, can we do anything else about it than just mail them and cry? ~30% ping increase is definately noticeable, especially after playing with lower ping for a year :( It was even back to 29-31 on wednesday this week, but increased back to 40-50 after a few hours. I understand that I'm one of the few lucky ones who actually ping that well in the first place, but there are other fininsh players who went from 35-40 to 55-60.. :E
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duel starting spawns (10 comments)
Posted by frs @ 06:03 CDT, 1 August 2010 - iMsg
can they fucking fix them already?

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+alias question (59 comments)
Posted by frs @ 08:35 CST, 26 January 2010 - iMsg
So I was fucking around a bit with the configs and tried to do an alias with +/- where you hold a button down and it executes the +command and when you release it executes the -command. Didn't get the -command part to work, asked around and people said the same. So is it even possible to do this in Q3/QL?
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Revert back the SG changes (5 comments)
Posted by frs @ 01:06 CDT, 2 October 2009 - iMsg
Am I the only one who thinks changing back from the good at close range, shitty at med-high range to higher damage sniper-sg royally fucked TDM in the ass once again?
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