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Losers' Excuses (91 comments)
Posted by advent™ @ 11:27 CDT, 13 April 2011 - iMsg
ITT: Excuses for losing that you've heard from people you've played, whether they're opponents, teammates, people you're spectating, or what have you. I'll start with a couple I heard from a couple bad duelers this morning:

"my acc is off cause ive been jerking off all nite"

"I was wiping my face when i charged u, thats y i died"
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My hero (16 comments)
Posted by advent™ @ 11:19 CDT, 24 March 2011 - iMsg
You all wish you could be as awesome as he is. He's also onto the whole "trolling people by telling them you're trolling them so they don't believe they're getting trolled" thing. Pure genius.
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Insidejoker -vs- Yaru (4 comments)
Posted by advent™ @ 12:30 CDT, 21 March 2011 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 3 (4 votes)
Gametype: Duel
Map: ztntourney1 - Blood Run
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: advent™
Version info: your mom
How to play back QL demos

Figured I'd show how I beast on newbs. Yes, this isn't much of an accomplishment, but I made it look flashy -- kinda like when I beat Gillz at ESWC Canada a few years back -- so I figured I'd post it anyways. I rail jumped in the middle of the game because I'm stoned. Deal with it.
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Dick Pictures (20 comments)
Posted by advent™ @ 22:22 CDT, 18 March 2011 - iMsg
So I figured, since I'm trolling everybody so hard, why not make a thread about posting pictures of dicks? I'll start.

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Penis envy (58 comments)
Posted by advent™ @ 17:57 CDT, 17 March 2011 - iMsg

Watch and learn.
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* N U K E D * (330 comments)
Posted by Nuked User @ 06:32 CDT, 15 March 2011 - iMsg
* N U K E D *

w3sp caught cheating, mDd records wiped (109 comments)
Posted by advent™ @ 16:14 CDT, 2 June 2010 - iMsg

Deleted (2010-05-30):
de [2337]w (+left | replay software ) [ demos ]

Funny seeing as how I found this right after running pornstar_8%. Most notorious for his defrag movies and holding countless records in CPM Defrag, he now has no official claim to any records on mDd. I guess f33l 2 is no longer a possibility down the road?
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Kid threatens online to fight me, I lold (47 comments)
Posted by advent™ @ 02:01 CDT, 29 August 2009 - iMsg
So this kid, necro, has talked shit to me without any real provocation on my part for two years now. He lives in Kamloops, which is a few hours' drive away from Vancouver. Tonight, he comes in while I'm playing someone and I ignore him until I'm done. Then I start talkin to him, and eventually, he starts asking for my address.

The address is real, but I don't live there anymore. The threat to kill him if he steps foot on my property is a troll since I want him to actually go all the way there if he's serious and waste his time looking for some stranger he talks to over the internet. He never gave me any license plate numbers, though. :(

Đ accepted solarcoaster's discharge
еck| rode solarcoaster's rocket
solarcoaster: man
Necro: sup faggot
solarcoaster: that shaft
solarcoaster: was sick
Necro: stfu nerd
еck| accepted solarcoaster's discharge
еck| accepted solarcoaster's discharge
Necro: u love the shaft dont you poor virgin
еck| rode solarcoaster's rocket
Necro: thought so
Necro: fag
еck| ate solarcoaster's boomstick
еck| accepted solarcoaster's discharge
еck| accepted solarcoaster's discharge
еck| rode solarcoaster's rocket
Necro: advents gay
еck| accepted solarcoaster's discharge
Necro: uses differant account cause everyone knows advents a tool lookin faggo
еck| accepted solarcoaster's discharge
Necro: LMFAO
Necro: poor fat ass
Necro: LMFAO
еck| was railed by solarcoaster
еck| accepted solarcoaster's discharge
еck| rode solarcoaster's rocket
еck| rode solarcoaster's rocket
Necro: this kid has no life lmfao
еck| accepted solarcoaster's discharge
Necro: poor fatass
solarcoaster rode еck|'s rocket
solarcoaster: |]
еck|: ^^
Necro: to funny
еck| accepted solarcoaster's discharge
еck| accepted solarcoaster's discharge
еck| accepted solarcoaster's discharge
еck| accepted solarcoaster's discharge
(*_*)(#_#)(-_-): ok i gtg bros here ill play u guys tom.
solarcoaster: ttyl
(*_*)(#_#)(-_-): cya
client 3 disconnected.
(*_*)(#_#)(-_-) disconnected.
Necro: advent why dont u go get some real sun,monitor sunburn dosnt count fagg
еck| rode solarcoaster's rocket
еck| rode solarcoaster's rocket
solarcoaster: |]
еck|: gf
еck| accepted solarcoaster's discharge
еck| accepted solarcoaster's discharge
еck| accepted solarcoaster's discharge
еck|: =)
еck|: |¤|
еck| rode solarcoaster's rocket
Necro: poor gayvent
еck| rode solarcoaster's rocket
Necro: fuckin virgin
Necro: lmfao
еck| was railed by solarcoaster
еck| accepted solarcoaster's discharge
еck| rode solarcoaster's rocket
Necro: hahahah such a nerd
Necro: pathetic
еck| rode solarcoaster's rocket
Necro: how do u sleep at night Advent
Necro: poor kid
еck| was hyperblasted by solarcoaster
еck| was railed by solarcoaster
еck| accepted solarcoaster's discharge
Necro: he knows im right too its funny
PunkBuster Client: Master Query Sent to (MASTER8.EVENBALANCE.COM)
PunkBuster Client: Received Master Security Information
Necro: feel sorry for him
еck| accepted solarcoaster's discharge
Necro: MAUHAhahahhahahahahha
еck| rode solarcoaster's rocket
solarcoaster: |]
еck| rode solarcoaster's rocket
еck| accepted solarcoaster's discharge
еck| rode solarcoaster's rocket
еck| accepted solarcoaster's discharge
solarcoaster: |]
еck| rode solarcoaster's rocket
еck| rode solarcoaster's rocket
еck| rode solarcoaster's rocket
еck|: lol by the time my gun reloads
еck| accepted solarcoaster's discharge
еck| accepted solarcoaster's discharge
solarcoaster: gg
Timelimit hit - solarcoaster wins the match.
r_useScissor cannot be changed in multiplayer.
r_useScissor cannot be changed in multiplayer.
Wrote screenshots/DUEL_solarcoaster(POV)-vs-еck_L4DM2-1_2009-08-28_23-05-48.j
Enabling SMP
еck|: tlol
Necro: ahhahah poor kid
еck|: that was pathetic
Necro: hows the monitor sunburn faggot
еck|: too drunk
stopped network demo recording. 'demos/DUEL_solarcoaster(POV)-vs-§m¤kˇn_L4DM2-
1_2009-08-28_22-50-38.ndmo85' is 6.32 MB
Necro: thought so
solarcoaster: necros mommy didnt buy him his candy today so hes having a bad d
ay and taking it out on me
еck| accepted solarcoaster's discharge
Necro: Goodone for a fat ass ugly nerd
solarcoaster was railed by еck|
Necro: pathetic
solarcoaster: I can buy you your wollipop if you like
Necro: get a job first
Necro: faggot
solarcoaster: nah, I'm ok with studying full-time and aiming for good grades :
еck|: wow playin q4 drunk isnt like havn a joint
еck| accepted solarcoaster's discharge
Necro: :)
solarcoaster: haha
Necro: stfu
Necro: dont even t alk
solarcoaster: yeah, q4 when youre blazed is epic
Necro: ur a disgrace
solarcoaster: q4 when youre drunk is depressing
еck|: yewah i kick ass
еck|: but drunk
еck|: lol...
solarcoaster: oh man, I dont think I've ever seen that
solarcoaster: someone just hanging in the air like that
Necro: stfu !!!
Necro: gtfo
еck| was killed by solarcoaster
Necro: fuckin pathetic nerd hahahahhaha
Necro: hows it feel inside
еck|: jump in necro
Necro: to be a useless fat faggot
solarcoaster: yeah, necro, come on in
Necro: stfu nerd
Necro: *feels bad for you son*
еck|: no hax this time advent :)
Necro: i win morally
solarcoaster: lol
еck|: =)
еck|: jokin
solarcoaster: morally?
Necro: damn rightz
Necro: u fuckin no life bitch
Necro: stfu
Necro: and leave
solarcoaster: see, this is why I'm ignoring you, it doesnt matter what I say,
you stay delusional
solarcoaster: and ignorant
solarcoaster: I mean, hey
Necro: you're life is delusional
solarcoaster: we can EASILY get along
solarcoaster: if you ever pulled your head out of your ass
solarcoaster: thats all I'll say
Necro: nahh u think im gonan forget???
Necro: u fuckin nerd
solarcoaster: what, the first time we played
solarcoaster: and I beat you by a lot and you cried and thats how this all sta
Necro: LMFAO ?
solarcoaster: ofc youre not gonna forget that, its your fault you pushed your
shit in over that
Necro: HAHAH poor nerd
Necro: stfu
еck|: i got 5 frags on advent last time we played ^^
solarcoaster: its been 2 years since then, man, just get over it and grow up
Necro: HAHAHAHh fat ass
Necro: u live in BC eh ?
Necro: can we meet up please
Necro: ill drive there
еck|: 0.o
Necro: i wanna smash ur ugly face in
solarcoaster: why would I take time out of my day to meet some 12-year-old?
Necro: scared of a 12 year old ur sayin ?
Necro: lmao
solarcoaster: rofl?
Necro: sad
solarcoaster: I'm scared of nobody
Necro: show me
Necro: im in BC to
Necro: lets do it faggot
solarcoaster: if you did confront me, I'd show no mercy
solarcoaster: but I dont care
Necro: address?
Necro: city?
Necro: etc
Necro: NOW
solarcoaster: 3051 mcbride ave
solarcoaster: surrey, bc
solarcoaster: V4A3G8
Necro: Damn only 2 hours away
solarcoaster: dont forge the stamp on your envelope
Necro: leeme get a pen
еck|: dam u kids
еck|: in aus
еck|: lol i have a punch on every friday night
еck|: thats australia politics
еck|: =)
solarcoaster: also
solarcoaster: a big novelty boot to the ass in court
solarcoaster: or so I've heard
Necro: i have a friend doi9n a hiphop show on the 8th
еck|: leeme get anutha beer might help my aim
Necro: ill be there
solarcoaster: k
solarcoaster: if you do come near my house
solarcoaster: I will kill you
solarcoaster: you know this, right?
solarcoaster: and I mean
solarcoaster: literally
solarcoaster: hey, I warned you
Necro: cant wait
solarcoaster: keep laughing all you like
Necro: i am
solarcoaster: it may be your last laugh
solarcoaster: so enjoy it while you can
Necro: fuckin loser
solarcoaster: youre the loser, you want to fight someone you met over the inte
Necro: hahhaha hurtz inside dosnt it bein a fat ugly virgin ass nerd
solarcoaster: delusional kid
еck|: u fuys have castle law in bc?
solarcoaster: I believe we do
еck|: guys*
solarcoaster: you trespass my property, and I get to do whatever I like and it
s legal
Necro: ill wait for u to come out liek a man faggot
solarcoaster: well
Necro: and im gonna smash ur face and if u pull somethin funn dont worry cause
im packin also
solarcoaster: dont do something stupid like throw rocks into my windows
solarcoaster: hey
Necro: dude i know where u live
solarcoaster: whats your license plate
еck|: same here on my property.. but ill just shoot ya and feed em to the din
Necro: im gonan burn that shit downnnn
solarcoaster: so I know if its you?
solarcoaster: lol, he went silent
Necro: i aint even gotta do anything either,i got gangstaz on the west of Van
that will do it for free
Necro: so after i kick you're fat ugly ass
solarcoaster: youre bluffing, how will if I know if its actually you if you do
nt tell me your plate numbers?
solarcoaster: fucking poser
Necro: fuckin no life nerd hahahahhah
Necro: poor kid
solarcoaster: you have no life, you wanna fight some kid you met over the inte
rnet for no good reason
Necro: fighting used to be my life faggot
Necro: trained MMA for years
Necro: and its on the way
solarcoaster: thats nice, youre still a loser for wanting to fight me
Necro: nope
solarcoaster: uh
solarcoaster: duck
solarcoaster: if someone wants to actually come over to the house
solarcoaster: of someone they met over the internet
solarcoaster: just to fight them
solarcoaster: is that not pathetic?
Necro: Duck thinks your fuckin goof ass bitch too,he jus donst say it to ur fa
ce,but he does to me
еck|: hey guys
еck|: im nuetral
solarcoaster: I'll believe it when I hear it from him
Necro: its comin bitch
еck|: u both kool to me
еck|: u have beef so sort it out
solarcoaster: I am sorting it out
solarcoaster: I said like 15 minutes ago
solarcoaster: I can get along with him if he just pulls his head outta his ass

solarcoaster: but hes not doing it
solarcoaster: kind of the opposite, actually, its going deeper up that ass of
Necro: remember making fun of me on my first Duel u fuckin faggot,think ur so
cool on a video game hahah pathetic nerd
solarcoaster: his head, I mean
solarcoaster: uh
solarcoaster: that never happened
еck|: dude im a 35 year old gamer and buissnessman...i aint got time to sort
ur diffs
еck|: =)
solarcoaster: I never said anything aside from spamming binds maybe
еck|: =)
еck|: |¤|
еck|: §µp!
еck|: §µp!
§m¤kˇn: Pawned!
solarcoaster: I dont really care, I'm easy-going, this kids just got mental is
solarcoaster: so, hey
Necro: fosho
solarcoaster: tell me your plate numbers so I can recognize your car if you do
Necro: think im dumb enough to roll in my vehicle
§m¤kˇn: no that aint fair
HeLˇX7: oops
HeLˇX7 accepted solarcoaster's discharge
HeLˇX7: lol
§m¤kˇn: u might have a false add
solarcoaster: well, how else are you gonna get there then?
§m¤kˇn: then u have his plates
Necro: homiez everywhere
Necro: dont worry
§m¤kˇn: §µp!
§m¤kˇn: §µp!
Necro: i get where i want
§m¤kˇn: hi ya hel
HeLˇX7: sup :D
§m¤kˇn: §µp!
Necro accepted solarcoaster's discharge
Necro called a vote!
Kick player 5 ( solarcoaster )
HeLˇX7: 0_o
Necro accepted solarcoaster's discharge
solarcoaster rode Necro's rocket
solarcoaster: hes fucked in the head, dont worry about it
Vote failed
Necro accepted solarcoaster's discharge
solarcoaster is ready!
Necro: your lifes fucked in the ass
Necro: poor kid
solarcoaster: ooh, good one
]condump lolnecro
Dumped console text to lolnecro.txt.
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All of you should buy this chair (17 comments)
Posted by advent™ @ 12:34 CDT, 1 August 2009 - iMsg
I'll just let the video do the talking.

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benign - Prologue (8 comments)
Posted by advent™ @ 09:36 CST, 17 February 2009 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 3.6 (17 votes)

The first part of (hopefully) three of my own frag movie. Enjoy!

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lol@4chan (129 comments)
Posted by advent™ @ 07:31 CST, 3 February 2009 - iMsg
I started a shitstorm with this post.

I'd ask if it's this easy to start shit on 4chan, but I already know the answer is yes.
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Fatal1ty Affiliated With Full Tilt Poker (23 comments)
Posted by advent™ @ 01:15 CST, 27 January 2009 - iMsg
Heard of him playing at most of the LANs he's been to, but after hearing about his ventures to Vegas as well as Melbourne for the Aussie Millions, I can't say I'm surprised.

Although if you read his Facebook profile, he sounds like a fish:

"Fatality gets A, J and flop comes 3, 10, J... Goes all in gets called by A,A... Had few chips left, went all in with J, 3 suited and get called by A, A again :(."

"Fatality sucks out. I have j,10. flop is J,6,3. Player1 bets $75 at me, I raise to $200, he goes all-in, I call. He shows A,A. Turn comes 10 to give me two pair! $800pot."

"Fatality wins $1200 pot on 2/5. 3plyrs. Im SB (89o) called raise $20. Flop is Q,J,10. I slow call $25. Turn 3, i check, player 3 goes all in with flush draw. Miss,i win."

But anywho, I lol'd
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Einstein's riddle (16 comments)
Posted by advent™ @ 09:28 CST, 4 January 2009 - iMsg
Good luck with this one. Took me almost 30 minutes to figure out, and there were times when I thought it was impossible to solve.

I'll post the answer sometime next week.

There are 5 houses in five different colors.
In each house lives a different nationality.
These 5 owners drink a certain beverage, smoke a certain brand of cigar and keep a certain pet.
No owners have the same pet, smoke the same brand of cigar, or drink the same beverage.


The Brit lives in the Red house.
The Swede keeps dogs as pets.
The Dane Drinks tea.
The Green House is on the left of the White House.
The Green House's owner drinks coffee.
The person who smokes Pall Mall rears birds.
The owner of the yellow house smokes Dunhill.
The man in the center house drinks milk.
The Norwegian lives in the first house.
The man who smokes Blends lives next to the one who keeps cats
The man who keeps horses lives next to the man who smokes Dunhill.
The man who smokes Blue Master drinks beer.
The German smokes Prince.
The Norwegian lives next to the Blue House.
The man who smokes Blends has a neighbor who drinks water.

Who owns the fish?
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Satted into the Sunday Million on Stars (3 comments)
Posted by advent™ @ 04:26 CST, 28 December 2008 - iMsg
You probably won't care (as usual), but I won a $39 6-man SnG into this week's SM tourney, which has a $2.5 million guarantee this week for the whole holiday season thing. Not 100% sure I wanna play in this now that I finally won a satellite into this thing (played about 4 of these things and just finished another one), but I'm definitely playing in the Guinness tourney, and I dunno if I wanna do the other big micro-ish tourneys (like the $3.30 rebuy or the daily thirty grand) if I can play the sunday million instead, but it'd be wayyyy out of my bankroll to play this.

Some hands from the satellite if you want. Flame if you want, too:

Anyone else here ever played in one of these? I've heard they get really tough as you get deep into them.
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advent™ -vs- Bono & twm|gillz (14 comments)
Posted by advent™ @ 11:29 CDT, 7 August 2008 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 1.3 (18 votes)
Gametype: Duel
Map: Various Maps
Mod: Challenge ProMode Arena
Viewpoint: advent™
Version info: CPMA 1.46
How to play back Q3 demos

As I promised Mojo, here's my demos from lower semi-finals and lower finals vs. Gillz and Bono, respectively.

I know Mojo made MVD's of me and Bono, but here's something for you to whine about. Enjoyyyyy.
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ESWC Canada/Vanlan - Day 1 Report (16 comments)
Posted by advent™ @ 03:20 CDT, 5 August 2008 - iMsg
Okay, so I was stupid enough to drink a can of Monster a couple of hours before bed (PROTIP: if you wanna go to sleep early, do not drink these in the evening no matter how tired you are), so I'm going to try to kill some time by letting you guys know how ESWC Canada is going.

Unfortunately, the admins couldn't get their shit together on time, so the tourneys don't start til tomorrow afternoon. It's pretty fucking gay, but whatcha gonna do? It also does give all of us more time to prepare, I guess.

Other than that, the event is a bit of a hit-and-miss, but it's definitely pretty good to be lanning and meeting everybody once again. I arrived around 2pm, took about 20 minutes to register and get all my shit from the car. From there, I spent about 4-5 hours doing virtually nothing because:

- No LAN servers were set up by Vanlan.

- No one could get a LAN server to work on their own computers.

- Everybody was spiking to 999 online, making online unplayable of course.

So instead of practicing, I just fucked around on Full Tilt Poker while listening to a bunch of dumb closet nerds dressed all fancy and shit yelling at the top of their lungs -- on that note, Motus are a bunch of faggots (NUTTY!!!). Mojo got busy with TMN right off the bat though, which for some reason was working fine for him (wtf), while Griffin and Gillz were putting up with the aforementioned lag spikes on Gillz's central server for a little while.

I met some other people -- I mainly talked to jonnyh throughout the day, who's a local like me. To those of you in the NA CTF scene, he had some interesting things to say about GaryG (AKA croissant), who is apparently one of his closest friends. I won't get into details here, but to summarize, he claims that Gary is a totally different guy in person than the shit-talker you've come to know through the internets.

Speaking of totally different, I'm actually getting along with Gillz pretty well. However, I guess I'm a pessimist by saying that I don't expect this to last long after he gets back home. We'll see -- I was planning to just bury the hatchet with him because I'm not very fond of having "enemies" and I've dealt with this sort of online shit before, but again, we'll see.

I had turned off xerp/nudge a few days before the LAN, and lemme tell ya, I feel so much more comfortable aiming now. Since we're on LAN, I no longer have any doubts that I'm missing shots that should've hit and vice versa. With that said, I'm actually doing pretty well in the accuracy department and I feel confident enough with my aim that I've been playing really aggressive and a bit sophisticated on top of all that. Tom seemed a bit off today -- not sure why -- in the one game I played him, but there are a ton of possible reasons why that was (he'd just gotten back from dinner, hadn't played all day,etc.). If he snaps out of it tomorrow and plays his A-game, he'll win easily for sure no matter who he plays. If he doesn't, in all honesty, I expect him to get a run for his money at least once.

With that said, here's the player list afaik for ESWC Canada:

- 4glory (didn't notice him there though)
- advent™ (me!)
- Bono
- Gillz
- Griffin
- jonnyh
- Mojo (yeah, that one)

So with 7 confirmed(-ish) players + some potential newbs coming along for the ride, I expect all the matches to be played out by the end of tomorrow. With that said, it's a bit funny that I see two vacancies for Canada here, but assuming that that isn't some sort of error on ESWC's part, I have nothing to complain about -- I honestly expect to get 2nd as long as I play well, although not without some challenges (on a side note, Gillz really surprised me today; unlike me, he's def been practicing :S). However, I think my edge in aim, particularly my ability to just flick the shit out of people, as well as my general experience and 1v1 experience will help me out tons in my rally to securing this supposed second spot (again, assuming it actually exists).

If no one beats me to it, I'll try to post results on the site tomorrow. Later.
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lolz @ gillz (64 comments)
Posted by advent™ @ 04:57 CDT, 20 July 2008 - iMsg
It's 3am and I'm bored, so I'll leave you to laugh at the epitome of idiocy that is Gillz (aka SK-Xodius) while I make some popcorn to feast on while I witness the inevitable flamefest.


[12:13:am] <SK-Xodius> talking shit
[12:13:am] <SK-Xodius> jesuschrist
[12:13:am] <SK-Xodius> youre dumb
[12:13:am] <SK-Xodius> im one of the top rated ESR users
[12:13:am] <12adventTM> I never said I wasn't
[12:13:am] <ka> SK-Xodius add up
[12:14:am] <SK-Xodius> cause people LIKE ME
[12:14:am] <ban`happy> lol
[12:14:am] <SK-Xodius> fucking retard
[12:14:am] <ban`happy> top rated esr users

[12:14:am] <12adventTM> LOL
[12:14:am] <ban`happy> who the fuck cares.
[12:14:am] <12adventTM> dude
[12:14:am] <12adventTM> you know what
[12:14:am] <12adventTM> I have 120 friends on facebook
[12:14:am] <SK-Xodius> ban stay out of this
[12:14:am] <WAP-Avocado> my god
[12:14:am] <12adventTM> and they all ike me
[12:14:am] <ka> SK-Xodius> im one of the top rated ESR users
[12:14:am] <12adventTM> *like
[12:14:am] <ka> haha
[12:14:am] <ka> hahahah
[12:14:am] <ban`happy> no shit right
[12:14:am] <ban`happy> ahah
[12:14:am] <12adventTM> I don't even know some of them
[12:14:am] <12adventTM> and they're still FRIENDS with me
[12:14:am] <ka> tahts fucking funny
[12:14:am] <12adventTM> I'm SO popular
[12:14:am] <ka> !promote
[12:14:am] -echbot1:#truecarnage- 5Please !add up in10 #truecarnage !!!5 1 more person needed!
[12:14:am] <ilikeayall> howhahahahow
[12:14:am] <SK-Xodius> now you're acting like a fool
[12:14:am] <SK-Xodius> lololo
[12:14:am] <12adventTM> no
[12:15:am] <12adventTM> I'm making a point
[12:15:am] <DX-Chain> ONE MORE FAG FOR CTF PLZ
[12:15:am] <SK-Xodius> a point you have friends on facebook you dont know?
[12:15:am] <12adventTM> ...
[12:15:am] <SK-Xodius> what an amazing point
[12:15:am] <12adventTM> oh my fucking god
[12:15:am] <SK-Xodius> LOL
[12:15:am] <12adventTM> someone please spoon-feed this poor toddler
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Rigged, or "Why Casinoes > Online Poker" (62 comments)
Posted by advent™ @ 21:00 CDT, 24 August 2007 - iMsg

For those who live in areas withouts nearby casinoes but have an interest in poker, online poker has either been a blessing, or simply the next best thing. But for me, online poker is all about winning with the worse hand. Online poker defies the mathematical aspects of profitting from certain moves, such as calling with a flush draw or bluff-raising with an open-end straight draw. Most of all, online poker is just plain rigged -- if your experience online has been like me, there are simply no ways you can compare the probabilities in online poker to those in live poker. I'll describe my latest poker multi-table tournament experience to explain.

I had forgotten about it at first and was 40+ minutes late, but my chip stack had only dwindled to about 1,280 from the starting 1,500 chips. After tripling up from an expected outcome shortly after my arrival, I was dealt a pair of kings in the hole. I raised about 3.5x the BB preflop and only one player called. The flop was a rainbow no ace and a potential straight draw. I bet out for 1/2 the pot and got a call. The turn came as a queen. I checked, got bet on, reraised all-in, and got called against queens up -- how pleasant! :\ Luckily, the board paired to give me kings up and eliminate the loose-passive villain that should've gotten trapped instead of hitting their five-outer. I'd made the right read on the flop, but got colddecked on the turn. I got lucky on the river, but this would not be the last time I'd get colddecked.

With a rather big stack shortly before the break, about seven people with small fractions of my stack ended up going all-in against my fours and I ended up winning one of the side pots to increase my stack size. I ended the first hour with roughly 20,000 chips. I was happy that I'd gotten some good cards for once -- I normally only get about three decent hands an hour and often improvise only to get my money in with the best hands -- but not the nuts -- and get a bad beat. However, after the first break was over, the deck got ice-cold.

First, I limped in at the cutoff second hand into hour 2 with QJdd and flopped top pair and a flush draw. I bet out and one person called. The turn was a blank, and after the guy who'd called ahead of me checked, I bet about 2/3 the pot. Again, another call. The river was another blank and my top pair was still good. This time, the villain bet out for the same amount I'd bet on the turn, except it was a value bet at this point. I put him on Q10 or maybe even a straight draw, expecting him to think I had the lower kicker, but lo and behold, I call only to muck my hand to QK -- the next highest kicker. If I had Q9 or lower or maybe even Q10, I wouldn't have been as aggressive as I was. However, my kicker and the flush draw on the board made it impossible to run away from this hand. This was the second time I'd been colddecked in probably 10 minutes, and it was yet to cease.

The next hand, I have A10cc and make a modest raise to 2.5x the BB. One person calls and the board comes 3-4-10 with two diamonds. I bet out and the villain reraises all in. With top pair top kicker, what better hand could have called me? It costs me only about a 1/3 of my stack to call, I have top pair/top kicker, and chances are this guy has a (nut-)flush draw. If he has trips, this is a cooler. I call, and he doesnt have AX of diamonds (X being irrelevant as long as it's a diamond of course), he doesn't have a pocket pair, and he doesn't even have something that'd be respectable to call a raise with preflop like K10 or even AK. No -- he has 3-4 offsuit. Now, this guy had a short stack, calling with a garbage hand like that!? I understand the purpose of this move, but with a short stack and the raise I'd made, it simply isn't affordable -- it's just flat-out gambling. But yet, here I get colddecked again to this garbage hand. The turn and the river draw blanks, and I'm down to less than half my stack. *Sigh!*

The very next hand, I'm dealt pocket jacks on the button and raise when the action's to me. The BB makes a medium reraise and, knowing my jacks are probably good in this situation, move all-in. My jacks showdown against pocket sixes (lol) and, statistically, I know I have him dominated. But there are three things about premium hands that always tend to happen:

1) I never win a coin toss with AK against a pocket pair

2) I never win a coin toss with a pocket pair against AK

3) If my pocket pairs go heads-up against a lower pair, the lower pair always hits trips, 9 times out of 10 on the flop

Knowing this pattern, I pretty much predicted the third six which, sure enough, came on the flop. The turn and the river are blanks once again and I'm down to 4,000 chips. Frustrated, I call "fuckin bullshit," and the fish who beat me with QK has the nerve to say that, out of those three hands, I only had one good hand. Yeah, like top pair/high kicker/flush draw and top pair/top kicker are garbage. I hate fish and their egos when they win in this shit situations...

Frustrated, I went all-in when I flopped bottom pair a few hands later (knowing I had the best hand of course) against someone I knew had overcards -- cept they had K10 instead of AQ or AK like I'd predicted :\. A king hit the turn and with the river drawing blanks, I was from 20,000 chips (130 big bets at the time) to out -- all within 15 minutes of hour 2.

Of course, I'd made some marginal mistakes and I could've been able to avoid shoving with QJs, but my point is that I've never seen this in live games. Having played plenty of home games with friends, there's only been one situation where my boat lost against a boat, and a situation where a friend had the nut flush against my top boat. Other than that, I have yet to see people hit two-outers, five-outers, and basically get colddecked and suffer so many bad beats like this. I can recall more times than I can count on my fingers and toes where I've lost with trips to a boat or gotten a bad the past fucking week. Hell, bad beats are so frequent for me that I called the six before it hit the flop to give my fish opponent trips. It's so ridiculous. Online poker is rigged, and is solely meant to get bad players to keep playing and depositing money as well as earning more from the rake in the case of cash games through "action flops" such as Q-K-A or three of the same suit. I'll continue to play and attempt to build up a bankroll before my next birthday when I'm old enough to go to casinoes where I live, but if I go broke, I'm not gonna bother depositing again -- probably just gonna play freerolls and ignore bankroll management since I always run bad online which seems to make management irrelevant to me anyways. :\

If you're new to the game and are interested in learning how to play poker well, don't play online, because the only thing you'll get out of it is the wrong thing: the worse hand and the worse player always wins online.
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The T-shirt of the future... (7 comments)
Posted by advent™ @ 15:12 CDT, 14 March 2007 - iMsg
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Broken mouse, help me pick a new one. :< (10 comments)
Posted by advent™ @ 01:39 CST, 6 November 2006 - iMsg
So my MX518's right-mouse button, although functional, has a major problem which is preventing me from using it optimally -- tapping the right-mouse button now causes it to register the click twice and holding the button makes it act as if I were tapping that no matter what I do. This calls for a new mouse.

However, I'm not really into the idea of buying another 518 -- I simply don't like having two of the same thing, tbh -- so, although another 518 is still in consideration, I'm now considering three other mice to purchase as my current 518's replacement as well: the Logitech G5, the Microsoft IE 3.0, and the Microsoft IE 1.1.

Now, I'm a guy with big hands (look at my pic in Mojo's ISC gallery to get an idea), so ergonomics is very important for me. I know for a fact that all but the 1.1 are suited for that (haven't tried the 1.1 yet, though). But based on what I've read up and having tried the G5 and 3.0, I've gathered these pros and cons for each compared to the 518:

Logitech G5 (can buy it for $59 with PriceMatch)

[+] - Tracking feels smoother than 518 (a surprise!)
[+] - Texture of the mouse feels more durable and less prone to gunk collecting on it than the 518
[+] - Weights! :D
[-] - Hard to click the mouse wheel without moving it up and/or down
[-] - Lacks a second side button (which I use for Ventrilo)

Microsoft Intellimouse 3.0

[+] - Feels better for my hand than the 518
[+/-] - Tracks damn well for an optical mouse, but no noticeable difference over the 518
[-] - Apparently, the new model has problems with its sensor
[-] - Hard to find in Canada

Microsoft Intellimouse 1.1

[+] - Have heard great things about the tracking
[+] - Looks very comfortable if your hands are the right size
[+] - Cheap
[-] - Have heard of people's hands getting cramped
[-] - Only one side button

Of course, I could go with the 518 again, but I'd rather not because, well, why buy the same thing when you could try something new? Trying something new can cost a lot, however, so I really need your help so I can choose wisely. :)
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Does anyone feel... (43 comments)
Posted by advent™ @ 23:06 CDT, 26 October 2006 - iMsg
...that this freakin' week feels really, really long? I mean, there are some weeks where they feel like they're eight or nine days instead of just seven, but this week feels like two and a half so far. =S

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Where in tarnation is my Samoan flag? (14 comments)
Posted by advent™ @ 23:37 CDT, 24 October 2006 - iMsg
You guys moved the website to the different server, but not the flag of Samoa. How dare you! Now how can I express my Samoan pride? :(

(And, in case you were wondering, I am actually half-Samoan although my complexion may suggest otherwise :>)
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The epiphany (10 comments)
Posted by advent™ @ 02:56 CDT, 17 October 2006 - iMsg
Again, this is a long read, so if you feel you can't take the time to read all this, then don't read it and don't make mindless comments after reading a paragraph or so. This is best read in its entirety for the most effective message.


A comprehension or perception of reality by means of a sudden intuitive realization: "I experienced an epiphany, a spiritual flash that would change the way I viewed myself" (Frank Maier).

So, it's been a year since I first picked up Quake 4 and, thus, started committing much of my free time towards duelling. As days turned into weeks and weeks into months, I felt I'd learned a lot about the fundamentals of 1-on-1 as well as Quake 4 specifically. However, I feel my biggest lesson was learned tonight, and here is why:

For a long time, there have been four important aspects of my game that have been very weak: my aim with the shaft, my aim with the hyperblaster and, most importantly, my fragging ability and my ability to play under pressure. I've been aware of this for about as long as it's been apparent, but I felt I was working on these two aspects while compensating for my deficiency at these two things with my good knowledge of the maps, timing, and decent/good aim with everything else. However, I learned a lesson that I, unfortunately, have been oblivious to for a long time and have now learned the hard way: I will get nowhere without directly addressing these holes in my game, and I must rebuild my playing style from the ground up.

The story behind involves a former acquaintance of mine named Scott, known to most of you as Anub1s. A fellow West Coast player, I played with him for a bit before I met him at the Intel Summer Championships. At the time, he didn't seem too great at the game and was sort of -- how do you put this -- dim. I'd beat him with relative ease most of the time (although he denies this) before he disappeared for a while. About a month passed and when 1.3 had been out for a while and Q4max .76 came out, I saw him again. My memory of the match we had played on Monsoon is hazy, but he killed a few times in a row after I didn't spawn in the best place while he did. I was playing stupidly, but didn't realize this at the time, so I blamed my lag (and I was lagging, but that's not really the point) and left the server.

Fast-forward to this past week: at this point, we were still on good terms. I noticed him on Xfire one night, so I decided to hang out with him for the night and do various things like play UT2004 and discuss which version of Q3 is better for competition. The impression that I had gotten from him that night was that he was still the same person I had met at ISC: cocky, lame, immature and stupid. What I didn't realize, however, was that he had improved on his aim since I last played with him frequently, and that was what I realized tonight.

Long story short, he was talking trash to me in IRC, so I decided to ask him if he wanted to 1v1. He accepted, but decided to pick a server where he would ping an average of 2. I thought this was lame, but said "whatever" and decided to play him. He seemed pretty predictable in warmup as I was often able to run around and just rail him. And although I often caught him camping the same spots with the railgun in hand, he accused me of being boring and threatened to leave if I would not play differently. I had a good laugh, readied up, and then realized that were on the old version of Galang instead of the new version. So I voted for Galang 1.1 and he ignored the vote and readied up.

Sure enough, just like the last time and just as I expected from the original Galang, he and I spawned right in front of each other in those two spots by the RL. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't somewhat surprised, and I felt pressured in the situation. Having failed to jump onto the riser where the RL was held after spamming MG fire at him for a while, Anub1s beat me to the punch and hit me with a rocket before I fell back. I picked up the RA while he retreated to go get the mega and screw me over by taking control of the weapons from there. From there, I just ran around apathetically before he killed me. I then voted for Galang 1.1 again, so he left out of frustration. Our argument on IRC afterwards ended with him saying "fuck you," "don't talk to me," etc., etc.

After this, I went to go play some more and bumped into Griffin. After playing against him and losing 31-15 (granted, he wasn't putting any effort towards playing smart, but I got some good kills on him and I could see he was trying to aim), he would be the second person that night to accuse me of playing a boring style. However, he was more specific than Scott was -- he said that my style of play involved falling back pretty much every time and, thus, was boring. My excuse was that he could easily outaim me if I gave him the chance and that I moved around a lot while utilizing my knowledge of the map. However, this was the first real step I made towards my eventual epiphany.

Later, I saw Scott playing in the same server he was in earlier, so I decided to use an alias and hop in. However, as he was watching the way I used my lightning gun (I don't constantly hold the button like most people, but I often adjust my aim in a trial-and-error style for I still don't have a clear understanding of how the shaft works), he quickly recognized who I was. And so did another person who came in, and that same person would also accuse me of playing boring. And then we started playing: no crappy spawns, no lucky shots, no excuses. It would all come crashing down, and as he would beat me by a noticeable margin, I realized during all this that he was outaiming me every time I would engage with him and that I was making crucial mistakes every time I had an advantage over him.

I was the most modest I had ever been during a duel. I'll often spam you to death with silly binds, blame the lag and call you lucky if you're beating me and I feel I'm a better player than you. But I had no excuses -- despite having terrible internet and a subpar computer that can barely run the game, I never really had an excuse. Sure, one can lose to a lesser player occasionally due to bad internet, but I was constantly losing.

Could a person as seemingly dumb as Scott really be a smarter player than me? I've known for a long time now, although never really applied to Quake, that people can be smart in certain areas -- for instance, my sister is not very bright at mathematics, but is a darn good writer. The same goes for many athletes, like a wide receiver in (American) football who may only be able to muster C's at best in college, but is somehow smart enough to read the defense and give themselves an opening for the QB to throw the pass at them. Now I had learn that this can apply to a person like Anub1s, someone who takes a debate and turns it into juvenile slop, yet can aim pretty damn well and realize how to approach someone like me.

To conclude, although I still think you are a very lame and immature person to socialize with, I'm sorry I ever underestimated your capabilities as a player, Scott. You have great aim and a good understand of the game, and although I know you'll do something that's typical of you like rub this into my face and such, I guess I deserve some of it, for I've done the same thing to countless other people in the community. I've overrated myself a lot and I feel like a fool for it.

Regardless, I still feel I can become a very good player -- or even one of the best -- if I become more open-minded. I feel that, as long as I can find the time to dedicate myself towards learning the game and improving on my weaknesses, I can eventually rise to the top. Thank you, community -- thank you for teaching me this very important lesson.
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lol @ Sony (11 comments)
Posted by advent™ @ 05:29 CDT, 15 October 2006 - iMsg
If you follow the console gaming industry, you'll likely get a kick out of this: Screen Play recently did an interview with Sony Computer Entertainment Australia CEO Michael Ephraim, and what he had to say...well, just read this snippet:

With its wide range of titles, PS2 has become the family favourite, but it's a mantle that will be seriously challenged by Nintendo's Wii. Do you think Wii can attract many new consumers who haven't previously owned a console before?

Nintendo is a great company as far as games development goes, they have been around for
a long time, they know how to deliver an entertaining product. My only question for this Christmas on Wii is the price point. Even though it's affordable, at $400 plus whatever you need to buy accessories-wise, I'm guessing you need to spend about $500 to take home a Wii and enjoy it. I can't judge the product because I haven't played it but I've heard good things about it. For this Christmas, I think that price point is still not family entertainment because $500 is a lot to fork out, but we welcome the Nintendo heritage of gaming where they can appeal to a broader audience because long-term that is critical for the industry. What we've done on PlayStation 2 with social gaming has broadened the audience and we're glad that they are attempting to do similar things to open up the market to families and never-before gamers. Time will tell. For this Christmas I think the price for what it specifically does as a video games machine is a bit pricey, but I think that their strategy long term we have great respect for.

And this one:

Do you expect 360 to do well among the more traditional gaming audience now that PlayStation 3 won't arrive until March?

If you look at what's happening in retail, 360 has done fairly well at launch but since then it has struggled to kick up a gear to the next level of sales. I think their product offering is still not broad enough. The content is narrow and appeals only to a very core group. I don't see content that will appeal to a family or a broader mass-market audience. It's still pricey, and I'm sure Microsoft will do everything they can, but if you just look at the offerings from each format and the marketplace that we are now playing in, especially PlayStation 2, it has to be affordable because we are talking about mass-market and non traditional gamers. We clearly have that advantage going into this Christmas. Microsoft's price point at $600-plus a big investment for family entertainment.

Now, keeping in mind that we're talking Australian dollars (which, as far as I know, is worth even less than the Canadian loonie right now), isn't this kind of contradictory, especially considering the fact that the premium PS3 package costs $100 more than the 360's premium package and doubles the cost of the Wii? Also, the last time I checked the prices of the next-gen titles, 360 games were still $60 while most of the PS3's games whose prices I saw were $75. Granted, these are tentative prices, but $75 for a game? It's like the Nintendo 64 all over again (remember buying $100 carts?). And even if he's comparing the 360 and Wii to the PS2, why compare next-gen consoles with a six-year-old console that will be obsolete within a month's time?

To conclude, Sony is dumb, which is all I really wanted to say. But my obsession with proving my point in a detailed fashion defeats me once again. :(
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So I've offended the GGL, apparently... (149 comments)
Posted by advent™ @ 01:27 CDT, 2 October 2006 - iMsg

I'm sure that many of you know by now about GGL's disorganization with paying out players for this past Spring's Transatlantic Showdown as well the horrid issues involving registration for the online qualifiers of the Digital Life tournament being held next week. However, I, at least, was unaware about the maturity, or lack thereof, of the staff and the tournament admins, in particular. After tonight, I believe that the GGL admins, at least, are a juvenile, middle-aged bunch who use ignorant generalizations to make their point and define being "mature and professional" as people who become so offended by one person's complaints about their organization that they go so far as to personally attack them. I'll explain:

I was one of those people fortunate enough to fall victim to the issues with the registration for the DL online quali's. After trying to follow the GGL's directions for three weeks in August, I finally resolved the issue when I PM'd DonKing about the issue and had it resolved the next day. My impression at this point was that:

1) The GGL could have easily avoided this problem by properly debugging the code for their registration system prior to registration time.

2) The GGL should have been prepared for such a problem so as to maintain quality assurance, but they weren't.


3) When asked about the long wait for the problem to be fixed, the GGL replied with something along the lines of the e-mails containing the information that they requested from the affected registrants would take a while to read through so they could fix each individual's registration. Now, assuming an e-mail address dedicated to receiving affected registrants' queries about the issue was used, it should be quick andsimple to sift through the e-mails and fix the problem for everyone affected, especially if you were prepared for a problem such as this.

A week or so passed when I had an unpleasant debate gone sour with DonKing on IRC a couple of weeks ago regarding whether or not it is sportsmanlike for the winning player to say "gg" early (this had started with griffin, aka Tom, saying "gg" early in a match versus fake_id, Chris, during said qualifier in which griffin was winning at the time). I personally feel that, with all due respect to Tom, this comment was rude, especially since they continued playing until the clock ran out. I don't have the IRC logs on me afaik, but needless to say, DonKing would make a statement, not put any reasoning behind it as to why it was plausible, and then pretend that were debating about something else before saying something random and just flat-out dumb like "how would you like it if someone told you they fucked your mother?"

After he called me an idiot and told me to "just leave" the channel, I told him how I was trying to have a mature conversation and then described to him how his behaviour throughout said conversation made it apparent that, if anyone were the idiot, he was. FrankTheCommish, obviously oblivious to whatever was going on, immediately takes DK's side and assumes that I was contradicting myself by calling DK an idiot when, really, I was just responding to DK's name-calling. This all took place on GGL's own IRC channel, mind you (on ETG, if you're curious).

Now, early this morning, I said some rather harsh words about the GGL in which DonKing responded (you can scroll down the page in my link to read that). Later that night, I was back in IRC on Gamesurge minding my own business in #q41v1 when xterm, another GGL admin in case some of you don't know, starts flaming me in the channel before messaging me. The important parts of this discussion are highlighted:

[7:55:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> start your own league, with you're own money and run your own tourney, that way you can do whatever you want
GGL|q4-xterm is * xterm
GGL|q4-xterm on @#q31v1 #q41v1 #radioitg @#ggl
GGL|q4-xterm using * The GameSurge IRC Network
GGL|q4-xterm End of /WHOIS list.
[7:57:pm] <C^Adv3nt> Well, when you pay your own money to play in a competition, what do you expect?
[7:58:pm] <C^Adv3nt> Do you not expect good organization and mature, professional staff?
[7:58:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> we have a staff like that
[7:58:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> whats your problem?

DonKing was my problem...until xterm brought this up.

[7:59:pm] <C^Adv3nt> My beef with DK is solely having to do with the fact that I tried to have a mature conversation with him about sportsmanship, and then he goes and says something dumb and juvenile like "what if someone just told you they fucked your mother," then eventually calls me an idiot and renders the whole argument pointless
[7:59:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> you have a problem you contact an admin in a polite manner and not like a 10 year old
[8:00:pm] <C^Adv3nt> What if the admin acts just like a 10-year-old?
[8:00:pm] <C^Adv3nt> That's my problem with him

[8:00:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> let's see the log
[8:00:pm] <C^Adv3nt> My problem is not so much with GGL so much as it is him
[8:00:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> he wouldn't go off on you like that unless you approached him in a bad manner
[8:00:pm] <C^Adv3nt> I didn't

As I've said already, indeed I didn't.

[8:01:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> how old are you? if you don't mind me asking
[8:01:pm] <C^Adv3nt> I just got frustrated with him because he was unaware of what I was even debating to him abouit
[8:01:pm] <C^Adv3nt> *about
[8:01:pm] <C^Adv3nt> Then goes on to generalize the topic and makes some pseudo-intellectual statements that hardly made any counterargument to my point
[8:02:pm] <C^Adv3nt> And then he started the flaming, not me
[8:02:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> how old are you? if you don't mind me asking
[8:02:pm] <C^Adv3nt> 17
[8:02:pm] <C^Adv3nt> But what does that matter?
[8:02:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> yes
[8:03:pm] <C^Adv3nt> Acting mature is the same regardless of your age
[8:03:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> we never have problems with the older players, it's the young ones that complain like little girls

And xterm pulls out the Minor card from his deck! Does my satisfaction with service that I paid for not matter 'cause I'm 17 years old? xterm also implies in this statement that everyone who complained as well is a minor whose voice does not deserve to be heard. My friend fake_id (Chris) also had harsh words for the GGL on the issue and I know for a fact that he's 24 years old. This generalization that he's made is unbelievably ignorant.

[8:04:pm] <C^Adv3nt> I'm not very convinced
[8:04:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> have a nice evening
[8:04:pm] <C^Adv3nt> I saw a lot of people expressing their frustrations about the registration issues and the fact that it took until the EXTENDED deadline to fix things
[8:04:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> I'm going to bed
[8:04:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> shit happens
[8:04:pm] <C^Adv3nt> You brought this up, and I'm telling you my side of the story.
[8:05:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> g'night

[8:05:pm] <C^Adv3nt> Don't act all dismissive as if you've proven your point 'cause you haven't
[8:05:pm] <C^Adv3nt> You started it, so finish it
[8:05:pm] <C^Adv3nt> I didn't even bring up the GGL in IRC yet you bring this shit up
[8:05:pm] <C^Adv3nt> But whatever, bye.

I assumed at this point that he was gone, so I went and did something else for a little while. But sure enough, when I came back...

[8:06:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> things don't always run perfect, people like you make them run even worse with your petty complaints
[8:06:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> act civil, and we will act civil

And so, with nothing better for me to do, the argument goes on. By the way, nice flamebait there, bud.

[8:16:pm] <C^Adv3nt> I bet you certainly won't, especially with comments like
[8:16:pm] <C^Adv3nt> [7:49:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> dk is gonna kick your ass Adv3nt
[8:16:pm] <C^Adv3nt> And
[8:16:pm] <C^Adv3nt> [7:53:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> I hate people who make stupid comments :)

[8:16:pm] <C^Adv3nt> The latter I presume was directed towards me[
[8:17:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> you started it
[8:17:pm] <C^Adv3nt> Since you PM'd me about this two minutes later

Mature staff, huh? xterm is certainly proving that to me with silly remarks such as those. I may have started it, but he is the one escalating it, as you can see.

[8:17:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> not worth my time, I was just making a statement
[8:17:pm] <C^Adv3nt> I "started" it with some off-hand comment in a random thread
[8:18:pm] <C^Adv3nt> Then DonKing starts arguing with me on ESR and now you're doing the same
[8:18:pm] <C^Adv3nt> I doubt this series of events represents your mature staff all that well
[8:19:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> yeah, he told me to back off, so I will

And, once again, he didn't.

[8:19:pm] <C^Adv3nt> The fact that you and DK feel you have to retort against such a comment alone is immature
[8:19:pm] <C^Adv3nt> And unprofessional
[8:19:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> like I said, you run a tourney, and see how many immature people you have to deal with and I want to see how successful it is
[8:20:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> go for it

Do I need to repeat myself?

[8:20:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> all people do is whine
[8:20:pm] <C^Adv3nt> Again, there are expectations that come with being a tournament organizer, as you well know
[8:21:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm>
[8:21:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> I ran that tonight
[8:21:pm] <C^Adv3nt> You don't meet those expectations, expect complaints
[8:21:pm] <C^Adv3nt> Good for you
[8:21:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> no problems at all
[8:21:pm] <C^Adv3nt> Want a cookie?

And after he makes an ass of himself, we get into his own individual list of achievements. Wow, you ran an 8-person tourney that took place throughout the duration of an afternoon--good for you! But wait--I thought we were talking about a much larger tournament that the GGL fucked up, were we not?

[8:21:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> it's people like you that ruin gaming
[8:21:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> you whine

[8:21:pm] <C^Adv3nt> Doesn't make up for Digital Life
[8:22:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> on ignore
[8:22:pm] <C^Adv3nt> Hey, you brought it up, now I'm just letting you know what I think of the GGL.
[8:22:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> till you grow up

So he contradicts his statement about me whining with some whining of his own in two sentences. Nice one! Now he's so ignorant he's going to actually ignore me. Or so he says....

[8:22:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> that's fine
[8:22:pm] <C^Adv3nt> k, I'll do the same until you grow up
[8:22:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> think and say what you will
[8:22:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> I'm 31 buddy
[8:22:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> been doing this a while
[8:22:pm] <C^Adv3nt>Too bad you're not acting your age right now
[8:22:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> but you are
[8:22:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> =]

How cute. Having been in this world for about 14 years more than me, you'd think he'd avoid using childish quips.

[8:23:pm] <C^Adv3nt> You say your staff is mature and professional, but this argument alone is a bad representation of that
[8:23:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> g'night sir
[8:23:pm] <C^Adv3nt> Okay, bye
[8:23:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> we treat people in the same manner we are treated
[8:24:pm] <C^Adv3nt> You'd be delusional to say that is professional, however
[8:24:pm] <C^Adv3nt> Much less mature
[8:25:pm] <C^Adv3nt> I have better things to do with my time, so bye.
[8:25:pm] <GGL|q4-xterm> go do your homework

And so I left to spend the rest of my evening doing something more productive than trying to chisel through xterm's thick skull. In conclusion, these are the people running the GGL's tournaments--explains why the GGL is bad at running tournament.

And with that, I bid you adieu. Happy rantings!

NOTE: The Global Gaming League, as a whole, is a site I believe has interesting and immersive editorials as well as amusing and well-made video content. I've come in contact and have made friends with quite a few GGL staff who I respect and consider to be mature and professional. This "rant, " however, is focused mainly on the tournament organizers and, to be even more specific, the lack of professionalism (but not a lack of immaturity) I've seen from xterm and DonKing. Prior comments that I've made and are referred into in this journal are misimplied and I do not have any harsh words for the aforementioned parts of the GGL that I do not have a problem with. In other words, when I say "the GGL," I mean the GGL staff running the tournaments. So having cleared this up, I do not mean to offend the GGL entirely--I only intend to expose the incompetence of their tournament administrators--or at least two in particular.
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