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Anyone can aim (147 comments)
Posted by retire @ 00:22 CST, 2 February 2012 - iMsg
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Posted by retire @ 13:22 CST, 7 January 2012 - iMsg
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walter outlaw (14 comments)
Posted by retire @ 06:10 CST, 7 January 2012 - iMsg
please come back and play some QL, every other duel player is boring to watch. thanks, on behalf of ur millions of fans Xd
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House of Quake TDM Post-season interview (18 comments)
Posted by retire @ 13:02 CDT, 25 October 2011 - iMsg
After reading the HoQ seasons end news, I decided that it would be nice for people to read interviews from the head admin and two of my favourite players from the league, so here goes!
United Kingdom williebobc: I'm thinking of making a premier league in TDM

Sweden kANiN: Any vod with our beloved Disrepute&vor-team could be helpful, as they do seem to know what they're talking about from time to time. Yes, even vor. But at the end of the day it's all about putting the time in, you won't improve without playing.

Finland gerppa: Everyone seems to have different views of my playstyle, one says I'm really defensive player, the other goes for offensive. I see myself more as a all-round support player and playing adapting to enemies playstyle rather than keeping my own “style” versus everyone.

Again big cuddly thanks to the guys for taking the time to do the interview.
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gg, bb (36 comments)
Posted by retire @ 21:49 CDT, 14 October 2011 - iMsg
For anyone who cares: The UK diabz signing out! I'm leaving quake/esr/the community etc, since I don't enjoy it anymore and I don't seem to get on with anyone in the community (except maybe 1 or 2 ppl). This means that diabzau can now use the nick 'diabz' and do what he likes and whatever. Thanks to everyone for good games etc.

Cheers, hf
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Random movie (11 comments)
Posted by retire @ 14:37 CDT, 29 September 2011 - iMsg

I hope someone enjoys it.
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How to post images? (15 comments)
Posted by retire @ 19:42 CDT, 25 September 2011 - iMsg
I read this archive

It didn't help. Please explain.
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True Real Diabz (21 comments)
Posted by retire @ 06:08 CDT, 8 September 2011 - iMsg
Hello, I'm the best diabz in the world. Since some cheaters have been outed recently, I thought I would display the ultimate skill this game still has to offer without cheats.

The Australian diabz, diabzau, is a fake, and he must remain so. He appears to have lots of noob videos on youtube, so I made some too.

I am not trolling, I am just the best. I will give lessons for no less than 130 hundred euro. If you wish to challenge the real diabz, please contact my manager (diabzau). Fuckin' A

ps. Sanchez cheats and Quake 4>Quake 3
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New QL frag movie by zeroql (9 comments)
Posted by retire @ 15:51 CDT, 21 August 2011 - iMsg
just kidding :(
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nevo strenx (60 comments)
Posted by retire @ 05:46 CDT, 30 July 2011 - iMsg
Kevin "Strenx" Baeza
bad news guys, nevo just lied to me, so quakecon should be over...
12 minutes ago

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map poules? {:=] (36 comments)
Posted by retire @ 08:15 CDT, 22 June 2011 - iMsg
5 map poule is easy and perfect for tournaments, best of 3 is simpler and best of 5, well, you play everything. ctf needs better maps though.

this is *just my opinion* on what the best 5 map poule would be for each gametype.

aerowalk - oldschool map, tried and tested. everyone likes it.
blood run - slower paced, very balanced map, oldschool, tried and tested.
furious heights - a new map, lots of vertical fighting (sort of a more balanced dm6). everyone likes it pretty much.
toxicity - sort of a new map, apparently it was in q3? i dunno but its fast and quite similar to aerowalk. great for aggressive players.
hektik - new map, seemed unbalanced but its become part of the map poule now imo.

(personally i think ztn>dm13, one of them has to go)

deep inside - oldschool +back map, good for teaching noobs how important positioning is, and quad area is exciting
dreadful place - new map, ra is the best area, but can be retaken with good mh/ya play, nice balanced map
purgatory - new map, great for pickups, part of every tdm map poule
hidden fortress - aggressive map, really nice changeup from the other two +back maps dm14 and osp5
grim dungeons - oldschool +back ;) great for positioning, double PU is an interesting dynamic too

courtyard - nice now that its been changed, was very defensive before
ironworks - very defensive map because of the ra positions, but teams play aggressively on it to win games etc, its new for ql but very well accepted by most players
japanese castles - oldschool map, some ppl whine about the spawns but its very aggressive and interesting, only map in the poule with double PU
troubled waters - everyone loves this map in europe, maybe not so much in the us, but its been one of the best maps, once you get past the rail in mid and find the skills you need to play the map
shining forces - very defensive, but ra in mid, so its kinda balanced. personally i think its the most balanced map, but ppl hate the rail in base so i dunno :) better than siberia at least (imo)

(i think siberia is very bunkerish and overdefensive, only matters if you time the RA and medkits and win quad, kinda boring. stonekeep is interesting but prolly too big and it slows down the game a lot)

well i guess thats the most useful post i made, even though its full of bias and bullshit. so discuss or troll away :)
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Quake is (44 comments)
Posted by retire @ 07:17 CDT, 24 May 2011 - iMsg
quake is 4 people who got no lyf

i dont like ppl who play it

they is bad on brain

trends even says it is bad to quake, like check twitter for xamples

i meen, luk wat happend to slasher
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Hello (11 comments)
Posted by retire @ 09:57 CDT, 21 April 2011 - iMsg
potatoes gona potate

ps. shadowmaster sucks
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Stren-Ex (3 comments)
Posted by retire @ 07:29 CST, 2 March 2011 - iMsg
fazz wins the game!

stren-ex: random shit lucker

fazz: 27 lg lol
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Up (19 comments)
Posted by retire @ 10:02 CST, 2 December 2010 - iMsg
Quakelive hasn't gone down for 24 hours or so :d
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Some thoughts on QL Gameplay (61 comments)
Posted by retire @ 12:01 CDT, 23 September 2010 - iMsg
So people have come up with ideas to make ql more balanced/aggressive/fun. Silent footsteps? Won't accomplish anything much, itll just be difficult to know where people are. This will aid defensive players because the aggressor won't know where he needs to attack from etc. and the defending player can just +back. It would also increase the amount of spam/predictive fire (which really sucks IMO) cos you need to guess where they'll come from or be.

Anyway, this is my suggestion. I think the increased rocket speed has made the weapon overpowered. People are always complaining that armour isn't worth enough and although I think its important to award good aimers I also agree control isn't valuable enough anymore. This could be solved by weakening/changing all the weapons slightly.

I'll give some examples. For instance, lightning gun could be given a faster firing rate but less damage per hit (this way you run out of/use up ammo faster but do less damage so you'll only deal huge damage if your aim is really good). Rockets can be slowed down to the old q3 speed so that dodging them is viable again.

Shotgun should have more spread so that its practically useless at long range. MG could be weakened to deal 3 damage per shot with a slightly wider spread and faster fire rate. Plasma should have a much slower firing rate but a little more splash damage, and rail ammo could be reduced to 5. All this equates to more difficult and situational weapons which are generally less damaging, thus increasing the value of armours, yet they still award the good aimers with a big advantage.

Just some ideas.

/diabz {:=]

ps. plz dont flame or i /wrists on u
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Whining about whine (13 comments)
Posted by retire @ 17:18 CST, 1 November 2009 - iMsg
Whining about whining about whine is ultimately a paradox. It goes on and on. Life is a paradox. Beautifully depressing, isn't it?

Wait, now I'm gonna have a bad rep. Cooller is the best!
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dobo -vs- wolfclaw (3 comments)
Posted by retire @ 05:23 CDT, 11 August 2009 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: 8.3 (2 votes)
Gametype: Capture The Flag
Map: N/A
Mod: N/A
Viewpoint: [dobo]diabz
Version info: 1.4.2
How to play back Q4 demos

dobo vs wolfclaw, old clanbase semi-final. uploaded due to request of a few ppl.


dobo: geo, dozo, splinta, munchies, diabz
wolfclaw: sal, spy, NaAani, rularn, fojji
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c{:^])-|-<,' (11 comments)
Posted by retire @ 05:38 CDT, 1 May 2009 - iMsg
quake is dead :{
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dobo -vs- big (8 comments)
Posted by retire @ 11:58 CDT, 29 June 2007 - iMsg

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Rating: - (0 votes)
Gametype: Team Game
Map: Various Maps
Mod: Capture The Flag
Viewpoint: [dobo]diabz
Version info: 1.4.2 Q4Max 0.78d
How to play back Q4 demos

United Kingdom The Dogs Bollocks vs Sweden Band of Inebriated Gamers

Clanbase CTF Bronze Final

Map order:
Map1: Heartless (fpsq4ctf1)
Map2: Death Before Dishonour (fpsq4ctf2)
Map3: Industrial Evolution (jl4ctf_b1)
Map4: Spider Crossings (q4wcp9)
Edited by Nicky at 12:56 CDT, 29 June 2007 - 3799 Hits
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