After the recent release of the new X-Battle Q4 Modification in Version 0.10 and the introduction of numerous new server-settings aside this release, the need of unified server-configuration-files became obvious.

ClanBase matches in CTF, TDM and 1v1 gametypes may only be played with the use of these serverconfigs as basis. The settings have been discussed internally and in conjunction with the Jolt Q4 Crew. All settings were kept to standard "vanilla" Q4, except for the "Shotgun-Fastswitch Bug" which has been disabled in these config-files (just like in Q4MAX). Serveradmins should ofcourse adjust the servername and the maximum number of clients to their needs.

Note: All serveradmins must use these config-files as reference to make ClanBase matches possible on their Q4 gameservers.


For questions or suggestions, please contact erazor on #clanbase.q4.