So, after I spent the past 3 months getting a pc that will be able to suit my (q4) needs for the next few years, on Sunday I finally get access to the holy grail AKA Quake 4. Put it on my PC and had a few games with one of my best friends, it's fucking cool!

I was getting really worried reading all the comments, especially about performance and some of the weird slow down problems have been getting. I mean I only have a p4 3ghz and a 6600gt, but loaded it up and hey! 63fps constant! (On Ultra Quality it only drops to 45fps sometimes - I dunno wtf is wrong with all your PC's) There was no lag on any of the weapons, I feel I can move faster in the game than q3 and with a high refresh it feels like 120fps q3. All good! Also hectic fun, making quake new again (cause I don't know everything - my n00b(sorry dim :P ) friend even beat me half the time which is quite nice really.

That was until it was time to go home and get some serious quaking done. Get home, plug everything in, switch on the pc... nothing happens...


About 1 hour ago I was about to kill myself, but after taking out the entire frikkin mobo and setting it up on a static bag, it turns out it was just touching some metal somewhere, but REALLY not cool after you get Quake 4....

PS. For all you people that think "fanboi!" I do have some problems, the models are CRAP! I'm getting some modelling software and going to make some, anyone tried porting q3 models to q4 yet? The railgun is waaaayyy overpowered (and I'm a rail whore!) (grenades are also rubbish) and the maps leave just a slight bit to be desired. But pffft, those aren't really problems, they're like stuff that hasn't been made yet. Engines fine to me, think people need to tweak their machines rather than q4.