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Rating: 6.5 (10 votes)
I believe this is a Quake 3 movie like no one you've ever seen before. Why?

Insanely nice frags? No.
State-of-the-art editing? No.
Scenes from a long lost demo from two of the worlds greatest clans ever? Y..err...No.

This movie is a recording of a 20 minute long standard Q3 Team Deathmatch
4on4 between two Norwegian Clans from back in 2002. The point of view is at
all times from the eyes of one of the four players on Clan Armageddon,
playing against Reptile. What makes this special, is that you also get to hear
our team voice communication, since a microphone incidentally recorded the
entire session.

So if you want a lesson in excellent team play on OSPDM6 - don't download
this film (we lost;) - BUT if you're keen on hearing how Norwegian quakers
sound when they get railed sideways, this is the one for you! ;)

Length: 25min 14sec

PS: The two clans were actuyally two of the best in Norway at the time of the game, so the match is intense and pretty close. A lot of prestige on stake :p

Lineup CA: Nilzor, Pettern, paven, mastah^killah
Lineup Rep: Abax, Elnino, maase aka trekvart, krabbe aka mean