EDIT 2: Looking at G203 PRODIGY but its out of stock, can you guys point me to a resource for FPS gaming and current pros and what mice they use for Quake and CSs and any other Esport tier FPS games. Thx.

EDIT: WMO and IE3.0 don't meet my needs atm. Needs to be left or ambidextrous so I can use PC normally and also play fps. Also need a large (like goliathus alpha) low dpi / low sens whole arm type style.

If I can't find something I'll prob try to get another goliathus alpha speed and abyssus new one (2k14 was trash with negative accel).


I need a left handed or ambidextrous gaming mouse that I can use for FPS either quake style or CSs style games. Need one that actually works and a compatible mousepad. I kinda want a mouse that I can learn to play FPS with since I am a newb. I need like 400 dpi or 1600 or so dpi and a big full arm mousepad.

I don't want any problems ideally under $50 or so.

Main problems I have before are acceleration and jitter. I need a mouse that doesn't have any massive problems that will actually work.

I want it to be pro level, esports tier but it doesn't have to be perfect. My abyssus and filco w/ browns or reds are perfect for sc2 and dota 2 but I need a gaming mouse.

It doesn't have to be the best perfect mouse but it needs to be able to allow me to use skill and learn.

Thx gamer bros