After playing Quake more then 23 years I experienced something I never experienced before online ingame.

I played a game on some random Dogs server when a mod named: senzu mesingze did not liked how I played and asked me if I am retarded? Then called me a homo cause I have colors in my playername and after that a faggot!! WTF????.
He then tried kicking me with a vote that did not work then he kicked me as a mod.
After that I returned had a discussion to please not do that then he banned me for 3 hours!
Then I played again on a server where he was not around. He joined then started to harness me. Then banned me again cause he did not like the way I played.

I was pissed to say the least.

I decided to look up this discord to find out whos the guy paying for this shit.

Seems to be a Finnish guy called Naa.

Came down to this: his words: This is not a democracy this is a dictatorship if u don't like it get lost I got pissed and upset and told him to fuck himself and his server and don't anything to do with them anymore.
ITS A DANGEROUS PLACE. Dogs used to be from a Dutch guy ( rip) who worked at Xs4all a company known to respect democracy. This Finnish idiot don't even knows how to spell that word.

This guy has a Linkendin and work at some IT company . I am bout to send a cooperate mail to his director to let him know how e treat people. No slander just facts. Shall I do it? Can we get this server shut down somehow? F. these guys.