Like apparently many other people, i got the infamous "update to windows 20H2 is ready" stuck update issue.

Windows update downloades the update to the "new" version, but fails to install it. Every time i restart or turn the pc on, it re-downloads it and pesters me with notifications to install it. But it always fails.

I've searched online and apparently it's an extremely common issues that's now months old. Which is ridicolous that it hasn't been fixed so far, and apparently won't ever.

Anyway there are about millions of different suggestions and approaches in how to fix it.

Everyone and their mothers seems to have a different suggestion, from the obviously basic can't-work ones like "try again" to stuff like deleting update folders and modifiy system lines.

Apparently microsoft even developed a specific tool to install that particular update that is downloadable from their official site.

And OF fucking COURSE it doesn't work. But it sure takes half an hour to tell you so.

Even launching the system repair tool doesn't work. But it will tell you so only after going trough the entire process.

The "simplest" solution seems to be the classic hard formatting of the whole pc, but like most people i have several hundreds gigabytes of programs and games installed on top of the usual personal folders, so reinstalling everything would take one whole day or more and i'd rather shoot myself in the testicles.

Do you have any suggestions in how to fix this mess without formatting everything?


Update: i flashed the bios to the latest version and that did the trick, for anyone else that might have the same issue.

I say might because i didn't change anything else and suddenly it accepted any update.

It shouldn't make sense, but here we are.

Now it's all fine, but it's been a gigantic pain in the ass

Thanks to everyone that suggested something, hope this'll help someone else.