Date : February 29th - March 1st
Place : IEM Expo Hall
When : Starts at 04:00 CDT
Stream (stage) :
Stream 2 (off stage) :

Stage 2 of the league is coming to an end, and players will once again face off at LAN, and the best of them will have their name on the belt.

The format has changed since Lucca :
- The tournament is now a double elim bracket (everything bo3, except WB SF / WB F / LB F which are bo5, and the grand final which is bo7 with a 1 map advantage to the player coming from the winner bracket)
- Instead of 4 players getting 2 BYE rounds based on rankings, it's now 8 players who get 1 BYE round (and they also chose their first round opponent).

Once again, 2 challengers from each league will have their shot at entering the tournament and the league, through a single elimination match against an opponent from the bottom two of their respective league. But this time, the challenger matches are counted as a round 1 in the bracket instead of having their own round.
The challengers are : Latvia bukster, Sweden Spart1e, United States of America sib and Australia ZenAku.

And from the league...
Top 1-8 : United States of America rapha, Germany k1llsen, Hungary Raisy, United States of America DaHanG, Italy vengeurR, Russia Cooller, Sweden toxjq, United States of America psygib
Not seeded : Belarus cYpheR, Russia baSe, Canada cha1n, Brazil nosfa, Poland Av3k, United States of America dramiS, United States of America dooi, United States of America Effortless
Facing the challengers : Ukraine Xron, Estonia cnz, United States of America whaz, Canada GNiK

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