I'm primarily a single player gamer. Adults are by far the largest demographic of gamers today.

My plea is very simple. Make it possible to pause ANY single-player game at ANY time. Mid cut scene, mid combat, hell even during loading screens so that when it's done loading, it comes up paused. I'm an adult. I have a wife. Things come up. Things happen. I need to be able to pause.

Same idea with saving. Need to be able to save at ANY time. Now hear me out here, cause I know this is a bit different. People can abuse the save system. Save scumming is definitely a thing. But what's wrong with having a "Save and quit" option at any time that can only load into once. Just a book mark, you can't go back in and make different choices. It's like a longer pause. I never know when I'm gonna have to go be an adult.

I think these ideas are reasonable.