For me, it's when you fight a boss fight, and clearly beat the damn thing, but in the cutscene that follows shows me losing horribly to it. It's a minor thing but it aggravates me. The main example I can think of is Astral Chain for the Nintendo Switch (absolutely 100% recommend to everyone.) Now, if you know a Platinum Games game, you know they aren't the easiest. And in this particular boss fight, you are thrown into it with barley any understanding of the mechanics of the game (especially the legions) and are expected to go up against this giant beast. When you finally beat the stupid thing, the cutscene that follows shows you staggering around weakly while the beast (that you had already defeated) starts to do a very strong attack that almost kills you. I just beat you! Why are you about to kill me!? I'm stronger than you! Why am I shown off the be so weak!? The kicker? The only reason you survive is because your team comes to rescue you and act all cool and take down the beast like it was nothing. Persona 5 does this too, but to a lesser and more bearable extent (also would recommend to anyone and everyone)